Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sharing, Snitching and eating.

Here are the pictures I was referring to about the bouquet squabble. Jessie wanted to hold the flowers in the 1st picture with melissa, but mikenna got to because she's the youngest. Now that that picture is taken Jessie still wants a turn. She is asking "please."
When the nice way didn't work she tries brute strenth. Mikenna is a little concerned but is holding on. She's got older sisters after all. I'm such a nice aunt, I sit back and just snap pictures instead of intervening. I was curious as to what would happen.
Caleb had been holding this cracker forever. I gave it to him to help him wake up for the picture taking. Now he witnessed the flowers show and decided to share with Jessie. She wasn't interested. Dancing was funner.
Here is the snitching. All the tables were loaded with food for the reception and the kids hadn't eaten yet. The grapes, olives, crackers, cheese, meat etc. were very popular targets.
Tanner had to have the olives on his finger before consumption. Isn't he a cutie!

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