Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"What a Big Boy, Caleb!"

Caleb has been keeping a close eye on sister and brother when they use the potty and has decided that he needs to us the potty too. On monday, December 8th, he wanted to sit on the potty when the kids got home from school. Usually, I would just have him wait and then sit on the normal toilet with the seat adaptor, however I remembered I had this one down in the crawl space and went to get it. The other kids thought that Caleb's potty was really cool. Aparently so did Caleb. Zach sat down on the stool next to him to keep him company. Caleb sat down and after a minute said," potty." Then he stood up and there was really potty in there. The first picture is him after he went potty and I made him sit back down so I could take a picture. ( yes, that is him smiling). The next picture is the evidence, but I had to show nathan the proof and didn't want to save it till he got home from work. Both grandmas ended up potty training Kirsten and Zach one each after I just couldn't get it right. I guess Caleb will either be "third times a charm or three strikes and you're out." Time will tell.


dots said...

Wow!! What a big boy!! To be diaper free!!

Lisa said...

Congratulations!!! I hope that Tanner is easy too. He loves to watch Jessi and I go. I guess we will have to wait and see.