Monday, December 29, 2008

Family Pictures take 1

Caleb is the willing subject as Nathan sets up the camera on a the stool for a family picture shoot. What a handsome, barefoot little man!
Line them up, now Nathan has three willing and eager subjects to shoot the camera at.
The kids were really getting into it. I love the free for all pictures. They really catch their personalities!
Next we added a chair as a prop: Zach is really into body parts and functions right now...ugh! He thought he was being funny and we all thought these pictures were a hoot! We might live to regret this later.
This is the "up high and down low" picture. I guess it can be said the same about takin pictures; you definately hit high and low points.

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dots said...

So did nathan get a new camera for christmas!! FUN!! You're new family photo is cute!! Is Nathan going to splice himself into the newest family picture then? I can't wait to replace the last one...