Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July FIREWORKS!

Starting around 9pm, we headed over to the Douglas' for the neighborhood fire work show!All the kids got the glow in the dark sticks that bend to form necklaces and bracelets.
Here is the friendly neighborhood crowd with the kids starting out with the poppers or snappers that yo throw at the ground to pop. Then we moved on to sparkler.
We then took full advantage of the great treats everyone brought and sat back to enjoy the show. We brought along the wagon for the boys. They had a great front row seat for the action. We got a little smoke because of the wind factor, but what a great show!
Kirsten was the ever helpful big sister and helped Caleb cover his ears for the big BOOM as the explosive fire works went off. It was pretty cutie! Our kids are the best...when they want to be!

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