Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friends, Food, and shopping!

Yes, we are at Jumpin Jacks once again. We took our friends along; Julia and Naomi Ogles. We learned that they are officially moving out of our neighborhood and will then get a new Bishop. Very sad for us, but great news for them!
Friends and making funny faces will never get old.
Caleb joins in with the group.
This is one of the blow up ships...the Titanic. We never fail to meet other friends unexpectedly there.
Zachary wanted to pose for the camera on the sinking ship.
Caleb and Zach were posing up at the top of the ship before sliding down. There are tables set out for the parents to keep and eye on their kids, and usually I'm walking around with the kids, but Zach and the girls took turns following around Caleb so I could make a grocery list for our family reunion coming up this weekend. Two hours later I'm finished with my list and the kids are ready to go.
Caleb being cute!
The girls and their new friend.
The gang is all here and getting a little tired. It's almost time to go.
The kids head up for one last slide which turned out to be two, but who was counting.
It was lunch time and I made a deal with the kids...eat at wendy's then be my helpers for the shopping trip to walmart. As you can see they chose to help.
We then went to Walmart to get the non perishable foods for the reunion trip. The kids were a great help even when the carts were getting heavy. Then they all piled on the carts and I got to push them to the car. 1/3 of the shopping is done now only 2/3 to go (costco in Ogden and one last Walmart run on Friday)

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