Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shelton and Erin Wells Wedding! Bountiful,UT

We headed up to Bountiful Utah on Thurday June 25th and stayed with Aunt Julia and Uncle Rick Hatch because we needed to be at the temple at 8:30 am for the sealing of Shelton and Erin Wells my cousins. We can't say thank the Hatch's enough for their willingness to let us crash at their house! The sealer at the sealing was awesome and gave sound advice to 1. keep working at their marriage even though they are married now and 2. stay righteous. He expounded on those and I was further impressed by is advise. When we came out we found that these dogs were part of the wedding guests. Erin's step sister has 3 bull dogs or "kids" that she dressed for the occasion. It started to rain alot after the bride and groom came out of the temple. We were taking a break from the professional pics and I got out my camera.
Kirsten loved the dogs of course. I think if Allie(our 4 yr. old chocolate lab) and I would allow it she would have Allie dressed up just like her stuffed animals.
The recent weird rain the last couple of weeks has really made everything beautiful! Caleb stayed busy walking around the flower planter while everyone else tried to stay out of the rain.
I can't believe how green everything is especially since it is almost July!
It was raining hard and Zach left his coat out in the car, Nathan sacrificed his suit jacket for the little begger boy! I love his eyes in this picture.
Uncle Joe and Zach had a good time making faces for Nathan while we waited out the rain under a tree.
The happy couple...Mr. and Mrs. Shelton Wells! They make a beautiful couple!
We were all starving by the time the 1:30 luncheon started. The favorite part of the Lion House meal was the ROLLS...YUMMY! The dessert even came after the rolls in preference.
My parents and brother's, David and Joe came up from Washington to attend the wedding and we loved spending even the day with them. Kirsten is pouting because the food hasn't arrived yet and she was ..."STAAARVING!"

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