Friday, July 3, 2009

"The Best day ever!"

Grandma volonteered to watch the kids while I had an all day marathon of visiting teaching. The kids got hot and pulled out the hose. Grandma was getting wet from the dripping of the hose and eventually just got on and jumped around too. What a ball they had!
Caleb would have a fit when he got jumped too high and ended up down for the count, but the fun still continued.
Caleb started taking breaks and helping grandma spray the kids with the hose.
The happy jumpers at Jump N Jacks! We got the kids summer passes to go to this warehouse with a bunch of blown up fun houses and slides. We have only had it a month and have gone once a week so far and we still have 2 months on the pass. Great fun and a great way to tire the kids out without baking in the sun.
The kids are starting to wind down after about an hour! Kirsten found a comfy spot!
Grandma and Caleb take a wild ride down the 2 story slide! AHHHHH! hold on.
Nathan too took a running jump down the slide.
Kirsten is coming down, but trying not to go too fast. She's starting out kind of sideways. She thinks that she has finally mastered this slide without getting skin burns on her elbows from trying to slow down. You can see Caleb headed up for more.
When Zach has had a fun day meaning we go anywhere...he declares that it was "the best day ever." If only everyone could be this content.

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Looks like a lot of fun!