Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Home Depot activity July 2009

On the 4th of July we headed to the monthly home depot activity! This time we had the choice between helicopters and bug catchers. The boys chose to make the helicopters and Kirsten chose the bug catcher...these ones are a little more durable than the dollar store variety. We all had fun!
It started to rain-pour just after we finished building Zach's copter so we headed inside to finish the other projects.
Kirsten's bug catcher is taking shape! Here she is pushing in the pins to secure the netting.
It takes all Caleb's concentration to pound in those nails for the base of his helicopter. I love this look...I think we just missed the tongue hanging out!
Caleb is loving his new helicopter and is spinning the propellar.
The happy gang after everyone's finished their projects.
We are heading to the van after the photo shoots. Their aprons look so cutie!

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