Thursday, July 2, 2009

Father's Day 2009

We celebrated Father's day on Saturday this year and Mom was still lazy and didn't wrap the presents hence the blanket over nathan's face...kirsten's idea...cute huh?
Zach made some special lego creations for Nathan for Father's day and he "opened" them first.
Then everyone got excited about the big present...a WII FIT! Nathan is always trying to find fun ways to exercise and I had heard no complaints about this avenue. We tried it out most of saturday and still didn't get enough!
Here are our characters! Left: mom, kirsten, nathan, zach, and caleb. Caleb couldn't be left out and had to create and do the process of being put in the system.
On Sunday we had the gang over to celebrate 2 birthdays ( Uncle Danny and Uncle Andrew) and also father's day. Mom stitt was in town bringing Caitlin to BYU and to await Ellie's birth so we had a great group in attendance. Caleb wanted to "help" as usual and got the ice cream magnet off the fridge to help dish up ice cream.
Here Caleb is testing that the ice cream is good enough for consumpion.

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