Thursday, July 2, 2009

Millet Girls Retreat Eden Utah 2009

There was always something going on... Caitlin had just got done doing a little performance with her singing and guitar and then someone decided that we should do some skit divided up into age. The girls my age used their bodies in an art formations. When I hear the "down doggy" I'll always see this in my mind.
Mom's cousins and sisters did the song "you are my sunshine" with actions. It was hilarious!
I tried to get some of the actions. Their expressions were to die for.
We had 2 showers while we were their on Friday night June 26th. Rachel Woodhouse's baby shower and Emi Riggs ( my cousin in law) bridal shower! We were playing the guess what baby food this is by smell. I love the belly touching that is going on with Rachel.
Aunt Chris in the Blue is trying to cheat and has just gotten caught on film. Left: Aunt Karen, 2nd Cousin Joani, Cousin Jane, Great Aunt Chris (Grandma Stevenson's Baby sister) Aunt Kelly is standing in the back.
Look at Nicole's face...What a great picture for bribery!
The bride to be, waiting in anticipation for the questioning bubble gum game.
The presents have come to an end along with the head dress made out of the gift wrappings. Emi was reading everyones advice.

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