Thursday, July 2, 2009

Touring Salt Lake City Utah

This is the LDS office building and we got to tour the very top and look out... those pictures follow. It was 26 floors to the top. Amazing and what a view!
Here is the model of the temple complex.. the Salt lake temple, conference center, pools, office building and surrounding buildings. I love these little replicas.
You know us and picture takes a couple of tries to get it right. We were all looking the wrong way for take 1.
Take 2 was alot better and was the shot that we liked the best. There were a bunch of missionaries from the MTC doing a tour of temple square when we came into the lobby and were standing in front of this mural as Christ is about to start teaching to these people so were they about to embark on their teaching. What a awesome experience they have before them!
Then we headed to the top and boy could that elevator move...quite eery thinking how far up we were, but it was all glassed in so that made me feel better. Zach's taking his turn at the lower window view.
The Salt Lake Temple, it almost looks to perfect to be real. If you look close you can see the little peoples below.
Again too beautiful! This is the conference center where we meet for general conference sessions twice a year as a Church. It is simple breath taking! The guide told us that they had to anchor the trees on top so the wind wouldn't take them away in the wind and that the field grass on top is real and that they don't mow it but let it grow wild and free.
The Salt Lake Capital building from the view of the other look out. It just recently got remodeled to fortify it from earthquake damage.
Kirsten stopped to smell the flowers! Temple square is famous for it's beautiful grounds.
There was a little showing of brother/sister love by the fountain! Not too tight Kirsten, he's got to breath after the lovin is done.
Strike a pose...These kids love to dance and do funny things!
Feeling free and getting cooled of by the spray from the water spout!
The boys have to remember that girls need their space. Kirsten is reminding them. Notice only Zach is giving her any mind. Caleb was too distracted at this point.
Another family shot... we are getting better at this.
The wind came up at just the right moment when Grandma sat down. It really wasn't all that windy.
We girls usually aren't outnumbered in this family. Poor Kirsten needs some cousin power. They are a handsome group of guys and girlee Grandpa Gale, Kirsten, Uncle Joe, Zach, Uncle David, Caleb, and Nathan.

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