Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grandpa Stitt comes to visit!

Grandpa Stitt came to visit and help Grandma drive back home to Virginia. The kids enjoyed playing Baa Baa black sheep, a memory game, with them one night they were over after we all got back from another round of Jumpin Jacks.
The next night, Tuesday, July 14th, we went to the Woodhouse's neighborhood pool and had a picnic dinner with everyone. This was also a monumental day because Kirsten got braces on her 4 front teeth. This is "phase 1" of her teeth straightening process. She was a little sore, but still in a good mood. It was rather hard to eat the subway sandwiches though and we had to break it up in pieces.
The kids loved having grandma/pa here. Come and visit anytime!

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