Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cub Soccer

Zachary  and some fellow "Black Moles"( yes, that is the agreed upon name for the team, of course chosen by the kids themselves) at their 1st soccer game which also was the first day of kindergarden. What a day! L: Gavin Shephard, Colin Tijerina and Zach on the sidelines waiting for their shot at the ball. The next shot they are into the game once again totally enthralled in the prospect of another goal. They are all quite good for 4 and 5 year olds.

Zachary's First day of Kindergarden

Zachary was so excited for his first day of Kindergarden! Mrs. Hansen is his teacher just like Kirsten which is a big deal for him. We made it to the bus stop to take pictures with all of his buddies, Adalyn, Gavin, and Jacob with caleb sneaking in. They too were excited to be riding the bus. However, I ended up taking Zach because the bus was late and maybe that was where the problem started. Zach had a hard time going to class without breaking down in tears. There has been progress... with the help of bribery this last friday he made it to class without tears. Our next goal is to be able to get him to school via bus and I mean the yellow school bus.

Kirsten's starts 2nd grade

Kirsten started 2nd grade today august 20th, 2008. She has Mrs. Anderson. The picture at the bottom are when she got home. She must have worked hard because she came in the door and fell on the floor. I agree school can be exhausting.

The Stitt family dinner

All the Stitt's that were in Utah got together at my house and had dinner while mom was in town. We had taco soup ( Dorothy's recipe) and it was a hit. While the women all wrote down the recipe the guys entertained the kids; or should it be the other way around. They did a little push of war with Caleb on the car, a little one on one coaching football with Zach and Kirsten. We all had fun! (attending: Mom, Aubrey, Nathan, Kathryn, Kirsten, Zach, Caleb, Rachel, Danny, Camille,and Andrew

Bugs and rocks the essentials

Grandma Stitt drove Aubrey back out to Utah from Virginia and stayed for a visit. The kids enjoyed hunting for bugs in their dollar store special kits and hunting for rocks in the rock/ weed pile. 

Saying Goodbye

As always the time flies when your having fun! We never get enough of Lisa and the kids. We had a day at the veteran's pool/ water slides where the kids were like fish and Lisa even watched the kids for Nathan and my 9th anniversary so we could go out to dinner. What a sister to fly all the way from California to babysit. We are pretty blessed with great family! 

Little helpers

Tanner and Caleb were either the best of friends or rival enemies on this visit. Here is one of each. First I couldn't tell if Caleb was pinching Tanner's nose or helping him with his straw, but if Caleb was helping Tanner it was because he had the upper hand and wasn't strapped in like Tanner. This is the closest big brother helping moment Caleb will ever have.

"Let the tree be planted," MJ said. And it was done.

I had procrastinated finding the right tree to replace the dead aspens in our front yard. MJ helped get the job done while he was here on Monday. The kids had a blast helping dig the hole, fill in the hole and then continue to make more hole in the planter. Jesse even helped Tanner the tree get some more dirt for his hair. Oops Tanner isn't a tree Jessi.

The family rides whatever they be

Great Grandpa and Grandma Gale gave more of a ride than they signed up for in just taking a picture with their great-grandsons Caleb and Tanner. Spencer so generously supplied the entertainment for the kids and boys. Kirsten conned Uncle Chris for a ride as did Zachary with Uncle mike. Tanner even got a ride on a different vehicle named uncle Nathan. I don't know who is having more fun. 

The used to be, soon to be, and still gale women/moms

Here you have it the most recent shot of the women behind the scenes. The next update won't be till David joins the ranks with his selected sweetheart. Don't get any ideas david... it takes too long to upload pictures to this sight. 5 years at least... please.

The new addition and no it's not a baby announcement.

The newest victim to the Gale men charms is Melissa. Chris finally proposed on the 6th of August at Lagoon amusement park (in Utah) on the ferris wheel. Chris had been pranking melissa with a proposal for a while (like pretending to get down on his knee and then just tying his shoe) so when he started to propose on the ferris wheel, she thought he was just kidding again till he pulled out the deal clincher...the ring. Luckily for chris; she said, "yes." Welcome to the family melissa.

The welcomed additions to the gale men and boys.

The natives were getting restless, however we don't all end up at the same place that often so enjoy the extra wiggles. top: nathan, spencer. middle: grandpa holding ethan, mike with joe, chris with caleb, david with zach, and mj with tanner. The more the merrier right or is it the more the wigglier?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Group Shots from the reunion.

These are the original GALE boys, just a little,okay alot bigger now. Dad, Mike, Chris, Joey, and David. Aren't they a goodlooking  bunch of guys.