Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas parties...for church, for animals, and kids

The SpringCreek 14th ward Christmas party was a lot of fun... We had good friends (the kids sat at the "kids" table and the adults all sat together too), great food,(real mashed potatoes, ham, salad, rolls and a number of tasty desserts), and of course Santa Clause himself with Mrs. Clause.
Santa Clause was the favorite of the party. The activities committee did a fabulous job. Their hard work payed off.
The kids and Mr. C. Why oh why is it almost impossible to get all of the kids smiling at the same time?
Caleb was so excited about Santa Clause. He tried to skip ahead in line, but when it was our turn he jumped right up on Mr. C's lap with a grin on his face.
Zach was pondering the age old question by Santa..."what do you want for Christmas...where you a good boy this year? I'm not sure which question the look is for...
Kirsten was ready with the answers to those questions and Santa leaned down to hear her better.
Our vet was and is still building on to his animal hospital and wanted to celebrate the opening of the new wing. All the family including allie went to have a tour, cookies and punch and bones, and a picture with Santa. Allie did really well around the other dogs and did the customary sniff, but no barking.
1st grade Christmas party before the break. I went and helped out in Zach's class this time. I helped with the craft to make the reindeer ornaments. Olivia and Hayden held theirs up for a photo. This was certainly easier to make and clean up than the spiders I did for Halloween in Kirsten's class and cute to boot.
Another center was to make a santa hat. Zach is displaying his talent at being crafty.
This pooping party was only attended by Caleb and he didn't want anyone to bug him. I didn't want to be invited either, but someone has to clean this up....Potty training will happen someday, but I'm not going to force it like I did with the other two and then just get frustrated...although that is happening anyway.

Daddy daughter date to the Jazz!

Nathan won tickets to a Jazz game and it was Kirsten's turn to go with Dad. She was thrilled, but there were two boys left at home that weren't so happy about being left out.
Dad and Kirsten before they set out for the best part of being at the Energy Solutions center or any other game place..
Concession stands with yummy food and treats a plenty.
Another treat...cotton candy. Kirsten was so thoughtful and brought some home to share with her brothers.
The entertainment...the other reason why the kids like going...the mascot.

Visiting Teaching and baking lessons!

My VT companion/ friend, Jill and I have found a fountain of knowledge in our friend Sally. Among other talents she is an expert in cooking goodies. We had a cooking lesson one afternoon in making dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls. We had a fun time hanging out and improving our baking skills! Check out the size of her rolling pin...she used to own her own doughnut shop.
Jill hefting the pin before putting it to use.
The whole cooking crew and of course Caleb's head.
We are stirring in the ingredients...some by hand some not.
We are ready to roll out the cinnamon roll dough...
The closing off of the roll was the hardest part, but we had fun nevertheless.
Me hard at work on my roll..
Spritzing the rolls before they go in to cook...
Maybe a little tighter roll next time....
The yummy results and the hungry recipients!

piano recitals December 2009

Kirsten's 1st piano recital was on Dec. 5th, 2009. She did a fantastic job! She played two songs, "Old McDonald Had A Farm" and "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas."

Caleb also has been practicing on the piano. I know it is kinda dark, but I wanted to get his words for piano on tape...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our family pictues!

Family Pictures and the dilema of what to wear? I thought I was good in planning out the outfits for this years family picture, but my first attempt got shot down from nathan. I then turned it over to him and the consensus was we needed to keep looking. My sister Corinne, came to visit and we shopped around again for a whole day and came up with boring blue skirts for the boys and okay lime green for the girls. Nothing special, but clothes to wear. The day before the pictures I went to costco and found the boys sweaters and then took the sweater I was wearing while shopping and went to JcPenny's for one last effort in finding something for Nathan and Kirsten...the results speak for themselves. Too bad so much time was spent beforehand when the last minute fluck shopping won us the prize.

The kids did pretty good at the studio, but they met their limit. This was the best of the three kids and I said it would do because it caught Caleb in truest form...saying "cheeeeeeeese." What beautiful children we have!
My boys...getting so big and hansome!
My beautiful daughter, Kirsten. She is 8 going on 16 and so full of life and laughter!
My Zachary was turning 7 years old in 4 days. He is our little builder and creator of many things, but especially towers and creatures from legos and connects. He is such a handsome little man!
Look at those gorgeous eyes and smile. What a heartthrob!
Our littlest little man, who is big in stature and spirit...if only I could bottle up his energy and dish some out to myself. Trying to keep up with him makes me feel old. He is contantly saying, "mom, do meself!" We get a kick out of trying to untrain him from saying, "squis you," for "excuse me."

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Christmas in the Park" downtown San Jose CA

On Saturday night, the 28th of Novemeber we,(my family, Lisa's Family, Mike and Vickie Macias and Chris and Melissa went to Christmas in the park. At first the kids weren't impressed with the different decorations on the many trees, but then quickly changed their minds when they say santa's helpers with the moving elves and trains.

There are bundles of candy canes in this display...
Then the train comes by that carries the candy canes somewhere else...
The kids were fascinated with the train and watched till it had all gone by.
Chris and Melissa are such good sports going along with us to all these places. We love you both!

Penguins parachuting on a carausel turning display.
Since we were in California, there was an attempt at making snow...bubbles really and the kids thought this was very cool!
Taking a little break from the walking.
All lined up for a photo op...
Just a cute pic of Zach...what a face!
The alligator band display was another favorite.
Zach especially liked this one because santa is stuck with his head in the chimney.
We were constantly telling the kids to stay together so they wouldn't get lost in the crowd...they did the choo choo!
The happy group at the end of the tour!
Vickie got the kids these cool rainbow light up toys and Jessie decided that they were unicorn here's your picture of the unicorns on tour.
The two best buds at the restaurant after the park tour.
The group happy after getting something more substantial in their tummies and it's not thanksgiving leftovers tonight! Variety is good!