Friday, June 25, 2010

On Tuesday, while still in Washington, Mike and Dorothy got us in to the Court Club. We got to try out the rock wall since Mike was certified to be a balayer. While Mike reviewed the ropes, the kids got to practicing on the rocks. They are all little billy goats when it comes to climbing. Zach is the one that Nathan is trying to hang on to. However, when playing tennis was mentioned Zach opted to do that instead of climb.
Caleb and Tanner had their own idea of entertaining themselves.

Three of my goodlooking brothers!
Caleb getting strapped in for the climb. Jessi was rearing and ready to go to.
Grandpa is helping Caleb find the footholds on the rock. Watch the video. Caleb gets up aways and then decides it is a little scary. Listening to it, I'm convinced that my comentary is annoying, sorry. I was very proud of Caleb for being so brave! We all then went swimming and hot tubbing. We tended to gravitate to the hot tub. Thanks Mike and Dorothy for making it possible for us to come along.

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! Nathan woke up to a breakfast of apple and cherry turnovers! yum. Nathan was really spoiled this year. He got a blu-ray dvd player (our other one broke, what great timing.) He also got a case and screen protector for his Ipad. He is one lucky guy and won it at a graphic arts convention as a door prize. I figured that if you have something nice you need to keep it that way. His ducktaped envelop was a pretty creative, but lousy case.
Then we went to Church, but Nathan left early, he has been feeling under the weather lately and hasn't been able to sleep really well. It was nice that he could have a break from meetings and just rest.
For lunch we had nathan's favorite, chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, dinner rolls, and sparkling cedar. This time I made fruit punch for the kids so we could actually have more drink, but mixing the two tasted pretty good.

Strawberry freezer jam!

This last Wednesday night, my friend showed me how easy it is to make freezer jam. Strawberry is our favorite and were on sale so we tried it out. Kirsten was still up so we started washing bottles, washing berries and slicing them up. She was a big help. I learned that my friend made it look easy but when it's late at night and your tired everything seems harder. One lesson I learned was to make sure you mix in a bowl with a spout. Getting the jam in the jars was a messy job. Overall and enjoyable task with Kirsten. We'll see how it tastes!
Our bounty was 7 pint jars of yummy strawberry jam! Thanks for you teaching Lona Marie and your help Kirsten!

Shooting practice...which one next?

One of the traditions and hobbies of the Gale men is shooting. I was thinking about borrowing one of David's guns while he is one his mission, although even after learning how to shoot many and clean them, I still want more knowledge before I'll feel comfortable having it in my home. We took Zach to the shooting range this time. While we were setting up, Zach was busy catching butterflies. He wants to be like the big boys, but I like his innocent interests.
"Look mom, I caught one."
Uncle Mike took Zach under his wing and showed him how to aim, hold and fire.
One of the tables with the variety of guns and ammo. Dad, Mike, Spencer, Chris, Melissa, David, Joe, Nathan, Me, and Joe all came for the affair.
Zach shooting another gun with uncle Chris. "Look at me mom, I'm a big kid now." He was so excited to be included.
Chris is reminding him to line the target up...
Trying yet another gun...he is getting good at aiming now. This gun has less of a backfire.
Not the ordinary mom and son activity, but we had a BLAST!
This gun had huge bullets and packed a punch. Zach got mad because I shot up all his milk carton targets. It was so much fun!
I was pretty pleased that I actually could hit the target I was aiming for. Usually I shot just below the target. Spencer,(he is a security guard and packs regularly) said that was pretty normal because I was bracing myself for the backfire. Practice definatly helped.
Another gun for trying out with the help of uncle Chris. Notice how he is bracing Zach's back for the backfire so he doesn't get knocked down...I'm not jocking. Some of these guns are really powerful.
Does he look like he is having fun yet?
This was nathan's favorite gun. I liked the black 9mm glock best...I think anyway. I had a hard time keeping all the guns and names straight! Thanks boys for the gun fun!

Pictures while taking pictures

This is 7month old Hunter. My sister, Lisa's last and youngest son. Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks? They are even more unresistable in person. To follow are more of his expressions. He is such a little thinker and so mild mannered.
Doesn't he just look like he is saying, "You're going to kiss me again aren't you?"
"Eww, let me see that a little closer." Kinda cool with dad MJ looking on in the background.
Now here is my last and youngest. He is getting so big and is always running to do everything the big kids do. We were waiting while every family did their individual shots. Caleb can't sit still and started climbing on the rocks.
Say "cheese." My little boy is growing up too fast!

Visiting with an good friend!

Megan is a friend from back in highschool...then to college...then to maid of honor...then on into married life and motherhood. She lived in Washington now and even when I visit, it is hard to get our schedules to aline. We made it happen this time. This is her 4th child, Eliza! Isn't she darling!
On the Monday after graduations we were able to go see her new house that they have been remodeling and then play at the park. I took Caleb and Tanner, (my nephew) along. All the kids had a great time and best of all they extinguished some of their endless energy.
Caleb and Tanner are the best and worst of friends when we get together. It is so fun to be with cousins, no matter if they act more like siblings than cousins. We love it all.

Making stepping stones

Aunt Corinne came up with this cool idea to do stepping stones that all the grandkids got to put their handprint in and then decorate with letters for their names and other objects. It was a production, but we Gale's just get in there and get it done...the kids had a blast. Although some didn't want to put their hands in the cement mud...
Notice "dad" "grandpa" at the end with the shovel..."anyone need anymore?"
Uncle Chris is helping get the right amount and consistancy of the cement.
Caleb's handprint in done...he looks a little worried about being "dirty." Jessi at the end is looking a little apprehensive as well.
All the girls are getting into it now. Grandma brought out some colored beads. Let the bedaveling begin!
Everyone "smile."
Now we are done...What's next?

JUNE Uncle David's Highschool Graduation!

Since the actual graduation ceremony wasn't till 5pm, my parents hosted a BBQ in their backyard. All the relatives in town came along with all my siblings and their families. My great grandparents took the opportunity to get a great grandkids picture. This is really lucky since we are only missing Corinne's Ethan and adding Shyla in grandma's arms. My parents are up to 11 grandkids and counting...whose next?
My fam, grandparents, and great grandparents. We are really lucky to have so many grandparents to love and be loved by.
My cousin, Jeni and her little girl Shyla. She was adorable!
By the time graduation time came and we got the troops ready and there...we got bored easily. The uncles entertained with their hair...uncle mike's head hair and
... I love this picture of Caleb seeing if he is getting Mike's attention.
Now both Ethan and Caleb have Uncle Mike's attention...tickle time!
Uncle Chris' arm hair...He isn't all that thrilled to be the focus of Zach's little pranks.
This is one of my favorites by far. Uncle mike has been blessed with 4 beautiful girls...when his sister come to visit he can always be seen playing with the kids especially the boys. This is a cute one of him cuddling Tanner. Tanner isn't one to sit still so this is an amazing occurrence.
Finally after 2.5 hours of talking the deed is done...he has graduated. My kids look thrilled don't they?
Me and my little...BIG brother, David! What a handsome young man!
All of my siblings: (L)me #2, Corinne #5, David #6, Chris #4, Mike #1 (bottom), Joseph #7, Lisa #3. We don't look like that many...maybe because we aren't moving everywhere, we actually can all hold still for a picture now!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Caleb's new ABC game!

Caleb and I have lots of time at home while the kids are at school. Sometimes I get creative in using our time together. We did the ABC giant train puzzle and then got the magnet abc's from the fridge and Caleb matched the letters to the puzzle. Sometimes I would give him hints using colors of the train or the animals, but most the time he would just go down the train till he found the match.
Matching the S with the snake on it...
Looking closely at the Q to see if it matches. I tried to get him to look at it from the other side so it wouldn't be upsidedown, but he didn't want to. He always did have his own way of doing things...himself.