Saturday, July 10, 2010

Random pics!

I've been a mean mom and try to keep the kids inside between the hours of 10am-4pm because of the sun. Anyway Nathan downloaded a bunch of Avatar cartoons and star wars clone wars. The kids have been eating it up. Kirsten drew this picture on the whiteboard and then wanted nathan to take a picture of it. I love that they create carry over activities from a movie.
They also play in the playroom quite a bit, but when the space runs out for all the different things they are doing then they come out to expand. Notice the big box of legos. Grandma Gale donated them for Zach's enjoyment, but all the kids loved to build with more legos to choose from. The first night we stayed up till midnight exploring and building.
These are some of the things that they created. It was pretty intricite.

We try our best to put the kids to bed somewhat early...but they complain that it is still "light" outside and end up playing together upstairs. This is where they all ended up one night when we went to "put them away" as we call it or pt them in their right beds.
I love that Kirsten and Caleb are holding hands. I love you Monkeys!


We love visiting with Great Grandpa and Grandma Wells. There is so much open space to run and explore! Attempt one at a picture wasn't bad...
Take 2 was a great picture!
When we were younger, the tradition was that Grandpa would "count our ribs" and see how far he could get before we laughed. Jessi tried it out. She gave grandpa a run for his money.
Great Grandma and Zach having a little chat. (Grandma got burned pretty bad yesterday at the reunion. OUCH!)
We were too big this time to sit on their laps! :) I love Grandpa's smile...that is so how I remember him...loving, accepting, and easy going.
The goodbyes continue with getting the kids packed in the car. Hunter had a different idea...that wouldn't be comfortable for the 14 hour trip home.
I love this little guy! He is so full of energy and fun! Caleb does too.
All ends well in a hug of promise....see you soon Tanner!

Monday winding down!

Blast Off Fun Center was our destination for our monday! It is indoor, which was good because it was cooler again and it wasn't that crowded. The kids had a "blast."
The ball pits or "arm pits" as Caleb once called them were a hit. The kids loved getting buried.

These two yahoos together as always. They even tried to go off one their own to a different part of the fun center and we were worried when they couldn't be found in the tunnels. The zip line was fun to do with more than one going...Zach and Tanner hanging on for the ride!
Ethan can be a happy child, but his expressions make me laugh when the camera comes out.
Below is Caleb catching air into the balls. He isn't as reserved this time. Experience is a good thing.
The group of happy jumpers and their moms.
Back at Corinne's, fed with fun, food, and now a good nap. Notice Hunter' s hand just hanging out in his dad's pocket. So cute!
MJ needs then nap before he heads out for the long hall back to CA that night.

Fireworks part 2: Idaho Falls

This time we went right to the chairs for the show. It was a more windy and cold at Corinne's so we wrapped the kids in blankets and provided the added bonus of popcorn.
Nathan brought over the hand poppers. The kids pulled a string and a popping sound resulted with some confetti. I love jessi's face in this one. She didn't know quite what to expect...she pulled the string anyway...NO FEAR generation.
I got one shot of the actual big fireworks! MJ, David, and Grandpa's stockpile provided a great show! Thanks guys!
We got a little smarter this time and spred the kids out to do the sparklers.
Then it was bathtime and ready for bed...but not without a little snuggle time!
Caleb didn't even make it to the snuggling. He was worn out from the GO GO GO of the weekend schedule. Fun in the sun and with your cousins can be exhausting.
We think that Zach was playing possum...but it was a cute moment anyway. We love our family!


After the reunion, we went back to the kids Great Grandparents farm and started the fireworks. The kids favorite was the sparklers. This is 2 year old Ethan's first experience with them. He was so thrilled. Such a big little boy!
Kirsten and her twin Jessi!
Caleb trying out his sparkler. Ethan looks like he is working at blowing out the fire...this is a little different than your birthday cake candle though!
Zach and uncle Joe! You can see Uncle MJ' s hand as he dishes out the newly lit sparklers.
Notice the bucket in the middle...we were trying to be safe. As safe as handing fire stick to kids within close proximity to each other and having them move them around can get. Ha Ha Ha!
Jessi's pose for the future cheerleading tryouts.
MJ lit up some worms and the kids watched for a it, but wern't as impressed as I remember being at that age.
The line up for the after dark show. A little fuzzy, but you get the idea. We didn't have chairs to begin with, but the kids were just too ansy to get close to the road and the out came the chairs. Grandma brought the kids these glow stick for the special occasion.
I loved the beauty and the calmness whenever I visited my grandparents. It is still there even if we bring along our own living noise.

Reunion Time!

We went to Idaho for my mom's family reunions over the 4th of July! Here's a little of what we did...Cousin Tanner and buddies...or worst enemies. All the kids made this bird nest and collected pine cones in the open field by the Church pavilion.
Aha! There you two are! Look for pairs if you look for these boys. Hiding out in their tree fort!
Zach learning the art of ax throwing with Uncle David! Grandma brought this activity all the way from Washington and Zach was thrilled!
I videoed him and didn't get a good shot of him hitting the target. He didn't stop practicing though and came over to me later to show me all the ones he did hit the mark with.
Kirsten got wet during a water fight and Grandpa took this as a good opportunity to snuggle!
I don't know what it is, but I kids jump at the chance to ride in another vehicle whenever possible. This time it was the blue whale of grandma and grandpa.