Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Flood!

I came home from time out for women relaxed . The crawlspace where I put my emptied suitcase was dry. Not so after church the next day. 8 1/2 inches were in the crawlspace we use as a playroom and the other side we use as storage were mini swimming pools.
We used cups, then bowls, then garbage can to bail out the water to no avail. Then we called the professionals.
This industrial size put that was putting the water out through the living room window and then in the street broke, so the company rented a smaller one to get the rest of the water out.

By Tuesday morning at 6:30 am were were able to turn off the pump and could see the cement with little water on them.

Weekend fun! Utah Flash Game

The Utah Flash Game!
On the 23rd I went for a girls weekend with Aubrey, Camille, and Rachel to a Time out for Women in Ogden. It was amazing and I highly recommend it. The kids got to spend time with dad and went to a Utah Flash game at the Community College. The Elementary school gave us 4 tickets. Free is fabulous! The kids had a good time mostly just running after the mascot up and down the stairs.
Kirsten's friend Devanie was there too.

2nd Grade Artic Opera!

Kirsten's 2nd grade class did an opera on artic animals. They did research on the animals habitat, activities, food, etc first, then decided who was going to be what, costumes and set. Then they made up songs for their parts. In summary: the individual animals were all in the snow and ice when fire came, but they loved the snow and cold.
Their were wolves, seals, hare (kirsten), fire breathing dragons, polar bears (fishing poles) and fox. Kirsten and two others (Celeste and Brooklyn) would sing "we love to burrow, dig, dig hop." It was pretty impressive and cute! You did a great job Kirsten!
After the performance we got a few pictures of the cast and the extras. Zach, Caleb, Kirsten, Celeste, and Natasha.
Natasha, Phoebe, and Kirsten.
Aleena and Kirsten!

Snow, Friends, and Fun

Our good friends and neighbors, the Laing Family, called one night and asked to come see the igloo. We were willingly enticed to go out and play.
It is always good to make sure a structure is sound before entering. Caleb is the safety inspector.
What is the fun in slow if you can't emerge yourself entirely!
How many people can fit in one igloo... Kirsten, Zach, Addie, Sophie, Caleb, Brayden...
Colby was a good sport through it all and sat in the wagon with warmed up rice bags to keep from turning into a cute ice cube.

Snow, Snow, more snow

With all the snow shoveling that we had done nathan made an igloo for the kids.
One day it snowed and snowed and snowed, I found nathan outside forming the entrance to the igloo. He was getting more use out of the igloo than the kids. Are we not all kids at heart?
The snow, would just not stop. Here's a picture of our backyard for depth.
And the igloo grows....
One night after dinner we decided to let the kids go out and place in "Mt. Stitt" as the neighborhood called the igloo. The Laing family came over to see the igloo and we decided to join them. It was a bit cold at 6:30pm but the kids didn't seem to mind.