Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial day smores!

Well if you ever wondered if you could BBQ smores... we tried it and it worked! Hurry Zach, your loosing the bottom one!
"I forgot why i hate marshmellow...they are so sticky.(nathan)" Caleb liked the smores, but loved the plain roasted marshmellows. So did Allie, but she only got graham crackers.
Here's Kirsten, Dad, and Zach going back for seconds.
Tasting the wares...consensus is that SMORES ROCK!

Fishing with Dad!

Nathan surprised the kids with a trip on saturday to the pond for fishing. Caleb is just chillin while waiting for a fish to bite. Nathan said all the kids were pretty sad to have to sacrifice a worm for the fish to eat.
Here is Caleb overjoyed at catching his own fish. This one is still wiggling in hopes of reaching the water, but Caleb is not about to let that happen.
Kirsten and Zach are working their hand at fishing. Look down at the far left and at the water's edge...this was Kirsten's first catch.
Here is one of her other catches. She didn't want to pick it up though.
Here is Zach in action. Look how the pole is bending...
Here is the catch from the struggle. What a whopper! I love his expressions!
Caleb had to have a turn holding up the fish too. Big brother was very kind and obliged.
Okay this is gross. Zach wanted nathan to video the heart that the fisherman cut out for the boys to watch as it was still beating on the table. YUCK!
While the fisherman gutted the fish, the kids weren't sure if they wanted to get to close. They had a great education on the insides of the fish though.

Zach's graduation from Westside Elementary Kindergarden!

Here is the program for Zach's Kindergarden graduation. May 22, 2009 @ 2:00 pm. Included is the list of all the graduates.

My little boy..who is growing so fast is in the line to do his kindergarden graduation program. His classmates Sarah, and Anthony are waiting patiently.
Zach did a great job in memorizing his part..." My body is something I'll have all my life. Keeping it healthy is tricky to do."
We love Mrs. Hansen. She was Kirsten's teacher too!
Here is one of Zach's good friends Tyson Gage. He will be moving to Indiana. We'll miss having him around to play.
Here's a picture of the newly graduated Zachary Michael Stitt!
The proud family in attendance. We are lucky that four out of five are looking in the direction of the camera...at least Zach is smiling!
Me and my oldest boy! I love you Zachie!
Aunt Rachel was so awesome to come and celebrate with Zach.

Kids and their forts!

During the mornings before Zach heads off for Kindergarden, the boys like to make forts. This is just one of them I caught on camera.
Look at those happy faces...I have to remember that playing is their job and forget about what kind of messes it makes. Someone please keep reminding me!
Over memorial day we finally gave in and let the kids have a sleep over from sunday. Because it was raining outside, we set up the 4 man tent downstairs and let the kids have a indoor campout. They thought it was pretty neat. We were just glad that we had a big enough empty space for this.
Here they are making funny faces!
More being silly!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun in the sandbox!

In May, once the weather started to warm up, we opened the sand boxes and started the fun of endless building of castles, forts and even the covering of feet in sand. "Big Zach" and "little Zach" are having a ball!
Here's the close up of their burried feet.
After today, I decided we needed to fill up the other turtle with sand too for more room for playing. How many kids can you fit in one turtle?
Caleb was so proud of himself for covering his feet with sand. I love being outside...when their shade that is!
The happy friends and their castle bridge between them.

April events for Zachary

Zach is our little inventor and scientist. Here he is with peanut butter in his hair because he decided to see what happens when you put gum in your hair. #1- mom gets mad.#2 mom tries to get it out with her strength (doesn't work), then peanut butter( not so pretty but works pretty good after a good washing. #3 we still have to cut out the gum and hair that the pb didn't take care of. Conclusion: we won't put gum in our hair anymore...but what if I put gum down... yes we did have more trial by gum, but I won't subject Zach to the laughter of everyone. I'll just say, I don't know what that boy is thinking sometimes or even if he does at all.
Zach is still loving to create with his connects. This is his spider.
This is Zach's Beetle bug with pintchers.

April happenings for Kirsten!

Kirsten is getting to be such a great help. She loves to read and on more than one occasion you will find her with a book reading to one of her brothers.
Kirsten's 2nd grade class put on a story festival program. This is the program outline.
Kirsten's group telling of Captain Bumblebee. The girls on the floor are holding the mikes. Kirsten really had a ball with the preparing and the actual performance. She did one during school hours and one in the evening. Both were excellant! Ask to see the video sometime.
During the school performance the kids also demonstrated their love of music with the rhythm drums.
After the performance, their were refreshments and Kirsten loved having Caleb their to show off. What a proud big sister!

The view from the top of the Y!

We adults were still enjoying the view from the top, however the kids started edging their way down the rock. What a view though!
Nathan started down after the escapies and of course Caleb couldn't be left out. I started down with him. It was a little harder trying to balance two of us on the way down. A couple of times Caleb would slip and it would only be my viselike grip that would keep him from meeting the other kids farther down the mountain.
We once again are on the trail. Kirsten and Brayden aren't too happy. They wanted to keep going straight down from the Y rock, but their plans got vetoed. That's why they are straggling behind.
Here's the happy hikers at the bottom...still smiling, but rather hot and ready for some ice cream from the BYU creamery.
We went one step farther and splurged on dinner too. We waited and then ate dinner at the old fashioned counter.

Hiking with the aid of a stick!

All the boys had to have sticks...some were more conducive to walking while others...I'm not sure if they didn't just add to the fun they were having along the way.
Caleb looks like he is about ready to whack someone with his stick. Watch out. While Zach looks like he is going to end a poor bugs life.
Caleb-"Stay back you evil branches. I'll protect you Zach." Zach- "no, Caleb all you need to do is show them your stick and they will stay a safe distance away."
Caleb- "What, you mean I don't even have to lift my stick." Zach- "Nope."
"A hiking we will go, a hiking we will go...."