Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bridal Veil Falls Sunday walk!

It was so pretty up in the Provo canyon with the fall leaves changing a green world to one of color. We decided to take Allie along with us for a stroll on the bike path...she was content to come along. She loves riding in the van which still surprises me.
This picture just makes me laugh! Notice I'm the only one looking at the camera...even Allie is going along with picture protocol and not looking at the camera. This wasn't even a planned "don't look at the camera" picture.
Kirsten has really enjoyed having the responsibility of taking care of Allie this last couple of months. She loves to just go out in the backyard and play with Allie.
Zach loves to climb and he did just that with every tree he could.
Caleb...the go go go boy. He is always on the move exploring his surroundings and finding excitement out of every new experience.
I love this picture even if it is blurry. It really show them how they are...fun loving and happy!
Dad was trying to make the kids smile and was talking about "farting." I keep telling him talking about this body function openly is going to come back and haunt him someday. Why the kids think it is so funny every time, I'll never know.
We found a spot that wasn't too steep that led down to the water. We thought Allie would be more interested in the water...but she wasn't. She walked in the little streams leading up to the falls, but didn't venture in that far. We'll have to try it during the summer months and without the leash.
Of course, the kids had to go closer to see the river. Kirsten was a little more hesitant than the boys. We had to remind them to stay on the dirt shore and not venture out onto the rocks. Boys will be boys and I wouldn't want them any other way...most of the time.
Zach climbed up this tree and Caleb was right behind him. Kirsten didn't want to let go of the branch, but it was a good photo opportunity.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Uncle MJ in Utah!

We always love it when MJ does recruiting for work because that means that we get to see him without driving to CA. This trip was really busy for him and the kids didn't get to see much of him even with him in Utah Thursday- Sunday. He was busy from till late when the kids were in bed. Sunday morning he did the traditional tickle torture though!
The "two for one special."
I had them pose on the porch before we left for Church and MJ left for his flight. I've got some good looking kids who love their uncle!
I love this picture!
Here is the "silly faces" picture that Kirsten requested.
Thanks for the visit MJ, your welcome anytime!

My birthday #33!

My birthday fell on a saturday this year and even though I was looking forward to sleeping in, I had a pleasant surprise. A around 5:30am, Caleb woke up and needed to go potty. I took him and then on returning him to bed, Zach wanted a drink. I complied thinking that if I do it quickly, I'll get back to bed faster. I hurried back in the hall only to collide with Nathan coming to check what was going on. I go back to bed and Nathan says he'll be right there. I fell back to sleep for a little bit then realize Nathan is not back. I go check and see him on the front room couch, but before I say anything, he gets up to answer a quiet knock on the door. Two of my best friends, Becca and Lona Marie had come to take me to breakfast. They were worried I'd be mad because they know I love to sleep in on the weekends after getting up at 6am to run with them. It was a wonderful surprise despite the time to go to IHOP for breakfast with them. Amy later met us there and Emily missed out because she was sick. Thank you for the breakfast surprise gals. It was a great way to start the day!
Later in the day we went to the duck pond. After experiencing the feeding frenzy earlier in the month, we went a little crazy and got 4 loaves of bread and 4 pkgs. of hotdog buns for the occasion. We all enjoyed watching the ducks and fish devour the food.

We thought we missed the new ducklings this year, but spotted two new families on the water today.
Nathan got me a yummy ice cream cake this year! Notice the 6 candles. Nathan thought 33 candles was too many so he put 3 candles on each side for 33. Inventive!
When I tried to cut the cake the cutter got stuck and I could pick up the whole cake! Nathan then tried to cut into it with a butter knife and broke the knife. oops! Now we know to get the cake out before you plan on eating so it can thaw a little to preserve our knifes. It was a great cake with mint ice cream filler and oreo's dipped in chocolate on top. Sound good? It was heavenly!
After cake and ice cream, I went to the women's conference with Lona Marie. Which was really good, despite that it fell on my birthday!
When I got home, Nathan went and got me an order of fried zucchini from Red Robin. This is my favorite food of the moment! MJ had just got done with his recruiting and so nathan and him ordered pizza. I would say we all enjoyed our feast together, but I already had eaten and gone to bed when their food arrived. It was a great ending to a great day!

Corinne, Ethan and Sierra come for a visit!

We benefited when Uncle Spencer went on his annual hunting trip by getting a visit from my littlest sister, Corinne. Corinne, Ethan, and even Sierra got to stay on Friday through Monday with us. We had a blast with the play dough! It's funny how sometimes you forget what fun something is until you get it out again to play with.
Kirsten's creation. It looks like those troll dolls I played with as a kid.
Caleb had fun using the cutters.
Zach liked the tool where you can make the spaghetti strands. Here is the "hairy snake, named hairy" that he made.
We had lots of fun playing in the sand box, going to the park, feeding ducks and fish, and just hanging out. All too soon monday was here and it was time to say goodbye. Ethan was patiently or not so much waiting for his movie to start. It was a pleasant surprise that Sierra and allie got along so well. All was well as long as Sierra didn't go after Allie's balls. We'll have to do this again real soon! Spencer even got a hit while hunting with his bow and arrow. Now that is impressive. Good luck with getting that into the freezer Corinne!

My baby is now 4 years old!

Caleb chose to have doughnuts for his birthday breakfast! He likes the plan glazed doughnuts , but we compromised and got the variety pack. Look below at the happy doughnut eaters!
What do you get the kid who has everything he needs and wants...the same race trace that his cousin got last month for his birthday that you know Caleb already loves playing with. Thanks for the idea Lisa and MJ.

Caleb and I built the track after the kids left for school. Then he got to go through our cars and see which ones worked on his track. He had a fun time experimenting with that!
I'm not really a party planner so I called a few of Caleb's playmates and invited them to meet us for a play date at the park and brought cupcakes to share. Caleb thought this was great doing all the things he loves on his birthday. Sophie, Caleb favorite girlfriend and Taylor just hanging out.
Taylor and Colby, two peas in a pod.
Having fun on the slide.
"Look mom, I'm doing it (pumping back and forth!"
I'm glad kids aren't that picky about what something looks like, but rather the taste. These cupcakes looked good the night before when I frosted them in the pink Caleb chose, but in the morning the cones had softened and caved in. They didn't look good at all, but they tasted great if the kids eating them was any indication.
Cute little Matty came up to me and raised his frostingless cupcake as if to say, "I'm done with this one. Can I have another?"
I made a fruit pizza and we had it for dinner! I thought at least the fruit was good for them even if the crust is a cookie. It was YUMMY! I didn't have any complaints from the kids about not wanting to eat their dinner this night. Caleb, I hope you had a memorable, fun day! We love you and are glad that you are part of our family!

Provo's Latino Fair!

Nathan and Zach went to the BYU/ WA football game which left Kirsten and Caleb feeling left out. Luckily there was the fair in Provo. I didn't know it was the "latino" fair till we got there and I felt like the minority for the first time in my life. I let the kids choose one right to go on. Caleb chose the planes and the attendant was really nice and let him ride for a long time. He would spray him with a water bottle as he went around, which Caleb thought was great because it was a really hot evening.
Kirsten chose the swings and was the only person on the ride! She felt pretty special. We then had to get the elephant ears as I call them. They were good, but I haven't found any yet that compare to the ones at the fairs in Washington.

September 2010: Feeding the ducks or fishing?

We went to feed the ducks in early September and found tons of fish to feed instead! The carp were so big that one scared Kirsten to screaming when she saw it from the bank. It was amazing how the ducks had to literally fight for their chance at the feast. I don't know who had more fun, Nathan or the kids! Watch out they splash!

Allie love!

Our 5 year old lab, Allie loves to play ball. After playing ball with her for awhile; she laid down for a rest. Caleb tried to ride her like a horse and we got it on camera. C is getting pretty heavy and after a few tries Allie didn't want to have anything to do with it. She was a good sport to let him even try. We all had a good laugh as we watched the Allie/Caleb rodeo!

2010 School year begins

K and Z were excited for their first day of 4th and 2nd grade. This year K has straight teeth and Zach is missing just a few. The tooth fairy has been very busy keeping up with these two.
The final walk to the bus. My kids are getting bigger, but they look so small compared to the giants around them.
and the final wave goodbye!

August 2010: UVU Owls final game!

Our good friends, the cooks invited us to the owls game. Our last "hurray" before the start of school. The kids had a blast. The scary girl mascot!
They had a balloon clown and we waited in line way too long for K's pink clown and Z and C's swords that didn't last till the end of the game because they hit the grass too many times. This was kinda funny because the different parts would pop and then all the adults would try to say, " you still have such and such many parts left" to try to keep them from being sad.
Their prizes from the long line.
We didn't really come to watch the game. We came to roll down the awesome hill with our neighborhood ! :) The douglas' were there too. Friends are so much fun! We later watched the fireworks before calling it a night. Which were pretty impressive!