Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kelly Clarkston Concert at UVU!

Aubrey took it upon herself to get us all Kelly Clarkston tickets for her outdoor concert at Utah Valley University. I had just returned home the night before from visiting my parents in Washington and dropping corinne back off in Idaho and was almost thinking about bailing...I'm glad that I didn't it was an awesome experience and not just because she has an amazing voice and choice of song, but because of the company. I love my sisters! Isn't Rachel's little ball of a baby cute! Some people definately can look good pregnant. 3 weeks to go!
We were all a little worried that even before the concert began the clouds were threatening to drop on us. Rachel was prepared and brought a tarp for us to sit on and then blankets for on top and we all had our rain coats. We had a great view of the stage though.
Then it did start to rain and we piled on the layers of coats. After disneyland I didn't take any chances and brought nathan's fishing slicker along with my waterproof coat. We still had fun in the rain!
It really began to rain and then the sun came out and we got a rainbow, not one but two.
Notice the beautiful rainbow above the stage!
Now this it the lady with the lungs that we came to see and hear! Amazing once again!
She is a great performer with stage presence!
Even the emotion shows on her face as she sings!
A little men bashing and we all got into that!
A little bit of the band!
Another groupie of the band.
Kelly sang for a good hour, I couldn't believe she could belt it all out that long! By nine o'clock we were heading out to the crazy parking lot. After an hour in the lines to get out we finished off the night by going out to Chilles for a late dinner! Great choice! Yummy all around! Thanks again Aubrey for thinking of me!

Return trip to Idaho, Great Grandparents Wells

My uncle Jeff and his boys Josh and Colton dropped Grandpa off after they were looking for a pipe for watering the field. What a great surprise it was to see them. they are getting so TALL.
I don't know what it is about doing funny faces during pictures, but again the kids couldn't resist doing them in this picture. Great Grandpa/ma Wells and the kids.
Kirsten was feeling free swinging out in the country! We love going to grandpa's farm.
Great Grandpa Wells and Zachary are just hanging out on the swings or at least grandpa was until the kids started pushing him.
If there is a slide...Caleb will be there. Up, down, up down and then again.
The kids love any animals that grandpa can show them. He had little baby chicks that the kids enjoyed looking at.
Caleb had to have one last look before heading back to the house!

Visiting Great Grandparents in Washington!

We stopped by for a visit one night at Great grandma/pa Gales and the kids wanted to take a funny picture.
grandpa and the kids tried to be the barricade for keeping Ethan from getting to the plants.
The boys had fun rocking on the foot rocker with Ethan. It was always fun to get ethan to laugh! Grandma and Grandpa and Gloria even fixed our christmas lights ball that I've been meaning to send home everytime someone comes and forgetting to. I toted it home with me this time and got it repaired. Thank you!

Fun in the tub!

Grandpa/ma have a jacuzzi tub in their bathroom and before we left for home all the kids got to have a turn in a bubble bath. This is just after the jets were turned on. The boys thought this was a blast!
I'm trying to get them all to look at me...take one!
Take 2: 2 out of 3 are looking!
Take 3: We finally got them all to look at me!

Hello to the old trusted and true friends from home!

It's sad but true that even though I get to come home to Washington for a visit, I don't always get everyone visited. I didn't do too bad this trip. I did get to visit with Megan pratt and Molly and their kids.
Megan finally got her girl after 3 boys. This is the first time I met Kaylee and she is a year old. Sad! She sure is a cutie!
We couldn't get Katie to pose for a picture, so molly grabbed her at the end before she could run for the door.
Here is a picture of the group of kids from 3 families that were playing. I'm glad my mom has a big house. Bottom: Kaylee, Bottom Right: Zach, Jarom Pratt, Dallin Pratt, Kiera Gale, Kaylee Gale, Middle left: Kassidy Gale, Kirsten Stitt, Caleb Stitt,a nd Talmage Pratt.

All the little fishies in the water!

Here is the group shot of all the swimmers after they had their fill of the pool water! Kaylee and Joe found some polish and are showing off their work.
Caleb didn't want to get out of the pool all together so he would take breaks and play on the toys even when he was turning blue. The kid is a dare devil and part fishie!
Grandpa tried to get him to stay in the tube...but caleb was having none of that. He wanted to be free.
Kirsten was getting tuckered out and cold. She is warming herself on the cement.
The pool hadn't been used for awhile and after cleaning it out with the net, Uncle mike turned on the vacuum. Everyone shied away from where it was especially Caleb.
A little noodle fun in the pool!
The daredevil starting out small!
That face is priceless. Believe it or not he slide again and again, and the face was more for the shock of the expected cold water rather than a fear of the water itself.
Bigger is not always better, but the boys tried it out anyway! Here comes Zach!
Caleb was right on his heals. After so many times of going down, Caleb wouldn't even wait for a spotter on the bottom. As we were putting on the cover and then the protective netting on top of that. Caleb decided to test out the safety factor of the net and surprised us by going down the slide again and landing in the middle of the pool on the net. We coached him to roll/crawl to the side where I could then hall him on the cement.
Kirsten got thrown by David all in the name of fun!

Guns and Sneaky Snakes!

Uncle David was a hit again as he let the little boys and girls try their hand at target practice. Caleb had a little difficulty in pulling the trigger.
but practice makes perfect!
This is Caleb showing his excitement at hitting the milk jug.
Uncle David showed Zach how to line up the target in the cross then fire.
David's helping balance the gun and with a little help...success!
Uncle Mike came home later to grandma's after a church meeting and was met by this snake right next to the front door. He scared it off the porch with a shovel to make sure it wasn't a rattler and then trapped it in the dumpster as we went to look up what kind of snake it was. We are guessing a goffer snake, but boy was it long. I took pictures of it's release. We were all really cautious when we opened the door after that.
Good bye and Good riddens!

Never a dull moment!

The kids had a blast with their cousins. They were still in school for another week, but they would be anxious for when they got home to play. Dorothy was out of town and we got alot of fun time in with the girls. We missed seeing Dorothy and Mikeena though! Crafts were a big part of the after school activities, paper, plays, stamps, card making...
We sang song and played the piano, the girls practiced their piano pieces. I even got a chance to play a little. I really miss playing...and I never thought I would say that. Maybe I'll clarify by saying I miss playing for the pure enjoyment of it...I hated practicing because I had to.
Grandma read stories to the kids...How many kids can fit in this chair?
Everyone wanted to sit on grandpa's lap so grandpa piled them on to watch cartoons one morning.
Uncle David was a real favorite with the boys. He brought out his old box of cars and let the boys ohh and ahh and then even play with them.
Zach even got to go for a couple of rides with Uncle David in his truck. Caleb had to get a short ride around the corner, but Zach thought he was pretty special cause he got to go all by himself. It's hard being the oldest boy with all the girls around.
We went to the park on walks with Sierra...we managed to find a park most times. Kirsten had a blast on the rope swing.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her on the swing. Letting loose and having fun!

Caleb swung on the swings for awhile, but didn't like being confined and headed for the ladder.
Grandpa gave him a quick climbing lesson and then he had to hurry after him to keep up.

This is the only picture I could get before Caleb hightailed it down the slide with out grandpa.