Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thanksgiving poses

The gangs all here at Kitty's Dance Hall... minus Taylor of course. Kirsten, Caleb, Aspen, and Zach.
Aspen in a pose at the window.
Kirsten in a pose at the window.
Zach at the pose in the window with Kirsten's monkey ears on the side.
And finally Caleb cheesing it for all that he is worth.

Thanksgiving point Horsey rides!

For the kids this is the most exciting part of coming to Thanksgiving point...the horsey rides. We try to hold them off till after we have looked at some animals, but they are chewing on the bit to get over there. We give in. Zach chose the biggest horse of all. What a brave little man!
Kirsten on her choice of horse a miniature hazelnut horse.
Here's Caleb on his medium horse. I put him on the horse and then stepped away to take a picture of him and his sibling...the horse started to move and Caleb was frantic for me to come back to his side and had one hand holding the horse and the other holding my hand. I love to feel needed!
Here is the trio in one picture. They all are in heaven.
Then it was time for lunch! We had packed a picnic and the kids enjoyed the adventure outside. Although now it was getting a little warm in the direct sun, but there weren't any shaded shots. We ended getting a little sunburned. Caleb probably the worst. On the way home we were trying to keep him awake so he could nap at home. He was playing with his shoes and put them on his cheeks. When we got home I washed off his cheeks with a wipe and put baby lotion on just as habit...the wrong thing to do. That evening he was one big red faced boy.

Thanksgiving Point continues

One of the animal keepers brought out one of the baby lambs and let the kids pet it with their whole hand and not just a finger through the fence.
Here the kids are feeding this momma sheep one corn piece at a time through the fence. The kids were so good to stay with us.
Here's Lona Marie taking out time to feed the goats herself while Taylor is content to watch from the stroller. Those goats were pretty forceful and pushy when it came to sharing the food.
Caleb didn't stay in this area too long. The smell of the rabbits was pretty ripe on a hot day like today.
We were tempted to just leave the kids here and go get some other errand done, but they figured out how to get out. They loved playing in the miniature jail and dance hall.

Thanksgiving point!

The kids had a friday off of school so we took advantage of the day and headed to Thanksgiving Point with our good friends, the Cooks.This is a traditional shot the we always take. I remember when we used to fit so many more kids on this cow. Our kids are getting so big.
Here are the additions of Lona Marie, Taylor and Aspen. We adopt them as our family.
Here are the real cow pictures. My kids were so fascinated with the waste of the cow it was hard to know if they remembered to see the real animal that produced the waste. To their credit there was alot of poo.
We got some of the corn feed and the horses were too eager to relieve us of it. At first the kids just set the pieces on the cement barrior, bu then they got braver and hand fed the animals.
Here is one of those times when Kirsten was getting a little braver and hand feeding.

Kirsten's Baptism!

Kirsten and Nathan before she went into the font to be baptised. She was a little nervous about having to go underwater. She did great though!
The proud grandpas Ben Stitt and Don Gale. They got the priveledge of being the witnesses for the baptism. Making sure that every part of Kirsten was submerged in the water.
Here is our happy family on this joyous day!
These are the birthday presents from the grandmas. Grandma Gale likes making blankets and Kirsten has outgrown the previous is the beautiful, bigger replacement with the webkinz monkey that Kirsten was estatic about. Kirsten cuddles up with both most nights. Grandma Stitt and Grandpa Stitt took Kirsten and Zach out on a date and returned with a new outfit for her build a bear. Kirsten loves and appreciates the love she receives from her grandmas. Love you guys.
Mom an Dad got Kirsten the traditional 8th birthday present...her own engraven scriptures and hymn book. Uncle Chris and Melissa got Kirsten the pretty CTR heart necklace in the picture with a few other fun things and the Bames ( part of our adoptive family her in Utah, Maynard, Cindy, and Janae) gave Kirsten the scripture case with all the accessories a little girl could want inside. Janae did a great job as seamstress! Thank you everyone for your support of Kirsten on this special day!
We were blessed to have family come and visit the week before Kirsten's baptism. Here grandpa Stitt is playing Caleb's favorite pastime...trains.
Then is was Zach's turn to have the grandparents attention. They decided on the wi. Zach is quite the race track driver. Grandpa was hard pressed to find a game that he could win at. Sorry Grandpa practice makes perfect and well Zach has had a little more practice.
Zach all time favorite thing to do is build and create. The connects were brought out and the creating juices were flowing. Caleb even joined in.
Here are some of their creations! What and awesome team!

Kirsten's birthday continued

Next we headed down to the other end of the mall and had the kids get out some of their abundance of energy at the dinosaur and playhouse exhibit.
I was lucky that I could get the shots that I did. They kids were running everywhere, but enjoying themselves.
Here is Kirsten at the other end of the dinosaur testing her balance on the tail.
Nathan became the lava monster and the kids are running frantically trying to dodge him.
At the end of a fun day all clean and ready for bed. Kirsten with her teddy bear ( notice the outfit. She picked that out in Disneyland the week before), Zach with his dogs, one for Valentines day and the other he convinced he "needed" because Kirsten got something from build a bear, and our Caleb just happy to be himself.

Kirsten's 8th birthday!

Dinner by choice at the food court at the mall in Orem. We had Arby's, iceberg, and subway. Everyone happy at last!
Then we headed for the Build-a-Bear Workshop. Kirsten chose a teddy bear for her new friend. She chose not to add any sound this time. That's okay with me.
Then the next step is the sewing...and filling.
Now this is a monumental moment...the first bath!
We then did all of her bears registration on line. Boy everything is all high tech now.