Sunday, November 30, 2008


Traditions are a wonderful thing. The Gale side of the family has one that the kids do. It is making their turkey. This year the kid did it; I'm not sure if there was more eating or more turkey making going on. caleb sure attached the mandarin oranges with his toothpick, but I don't think one made it into the turkey only into his mouth.

We enjoyed the fruits of our labor with the pie finale. Caleb enjoyed it with his hands. Aunt Aubrey joined us in the Thanksgiving feast this year. We were glad to have family with us.
We all walked away full and happy!

Zachary's 6th Birthday celebration!

Time does fly. Zach is really 6 years old. He chose this cake and then brownies for the rest of us with diego decals from the store. He did share his cake with his siblings and Aspen one of our good friends and neighbors.
Zach was lucky to have his uncle danny, Aunt Rachel, Aunt Aubrey, and the Cooks (kevin ,Lona Marie, Aspen, and Taylor) help us celebrate. He received magnetics, walkie-talkies, candy, birthday money, and a disk gun to add to the fun.

The Arches in St. Louis Missouri!

I had to step way back to get this full shot in. It is 630 feet to the top. There is an elevator that can take you to the top. However we all declined on that experience. We could see the little windows in the center of the arch and that was enough info for us to say, " no," to the experience.
We were the last to fly home after the wedding weekend and decided to go the distance and see the arches. They were pretty impressive. We were standing down the hill from the arches and still MJ sat on the ground to take this picture.
We were parked down by this tour boat and this is where I got the kids trip presents which they asked for just after giving me hugs upon my return home. Can you say "spoiled."
The boys got pop guns and kirsten got a dolphin pen that speaks dolphin.

St. Louis, Missouri Chris and Melissa's wedding

The newlyweds look fabulous, melissa was amazing to have stayed out for the few pics she did. It was freezing outside with the wind blowing and the chill factor to boot. I must be a wimp, cause I thought Utah was cold, but Missouri takes the cake!
The reception held at the church was beautifully decorated not to mention the beautiful people within. I think Melissa could pass for Julia Roberts from the runaway bride. Sorry melissa you've already said "yes."
The traditional wedding pose, I did it at mine with the groomsmen and brothers too. What fun!
Corinne surprised my parents, grandparents and brothers by flying with me from Utah for the wedding. It was a great day to have all of the siblings together for Chris wedding. I love my family.
I don't know what I would do without my sisters/ best friends. I just wish we could be together more often. I am sooo blessed to have not one but two great examples of great mothers, wives, friends, and daughters of a Heavenly Father . I love you two. Thanks for taking care of me in Missouri when the ulcers attacked.

Corinne stops over before missouri

Ethan is gettting so big and able to interact so much more.
Caleb is fascinated with babies right now and Ethan wasn't the exception. He laid right down with him on the play mate and was mimicking his every move. Looking at these two makes me remember Kirsten and Zach because they used to be the ones in the pictures. Caleb and Ethan are also 21 months apart like Kirsten and Zach are.

" I Can Fly! I Can Fly! I Can Fly!

Kirsten finished up her gymnastics with a happy heart. She learned to love the horse or vault and not fear it so much

Since I haven't blogged for awhile i forgot which order to download the picture in order to get them where you want them, so start at the bottom of this one. That's how i got the title.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Leaf presses at Home depot

I can't believe another month has sped by and it is home depot activity time once again. The leaf press is a great idea, but the directions were a little unclear. Caleb liked taking pictures and when asked to join us for the picture went right up to the camera for a "cheese."
The happy kids once everyone's project was completed and deemed satisfactory.

Halloween is finally here!

This is the only time Caleb would put on his costume. He's been wearing it all month maybe he is just tired of the it; who knows. At least we have one picture. Kirsten is the a witch of her choosing and Zach is BumbleBee from Transformers. He has been consumed with everything transformers for almost a year.
Zach has been "Beewitched." Do you get it; BumbleBEE and the Witch hat. I thought is was clever.
Didn't know the the bumblebee costume could be so multi versatile. Do you see the cat? 
Caleb the would be witch.
It's Aspen's 3rd birthday today... Halloween! After going trick or treating we had a little party in between answering the door to the trick or treaters. 

Pumpkin Carving Time

The kids wanted to carve pumpkins but were unsure about touching the goo inside them. Zach was content with me doing it. Kirsten is working on it with her spoon, no hands for her either.
We finally convinced the boys to give it a try. They attached with the big spoons but pulled out as soon as their hands touched something slimmy.
Caleb stood back after the slimmy encounter and said, " eeuhh" really loud. It was hilarious.
We were done carving out the "eeuh" by the time it was Caleb's turn. He was content just drawing on it with a marker. Works for me.
Zach chose to do a bat carving. Looks good zach, nice work!

Crazy hair day!

It's crazy hair day a school. Kirsten's rendition, with her ever present side kick Caleb. She's wearing the cute halloween outfit that grandma sent last year and yes they fit. Thank you mom.
Here is a different angle.
Zachary also did his spiky hairdo and Caleb couldn't be left out.

Gymnastics continued

Kirsten loves the beam, but has to wait her turn.
The springville highschool hosts the classes downstairs in the track. It has a gated in area that is also used for wrestling. Thats why some shots are fussy, they are taken through the chain link fence. The other kids love to run around the track and up and down the ramp. I just try to ignore how nasty dirty it is and focus on their having a good time and getting exercise.

Stop, Drop and Tumble! Kirsten in Gymnastics

Kirsten started gynmastics this last month through park and rec. Its a lot cheaper that way and she can have a taste of many different sports and find her nitch. They start out with stretching in a big group. Then they break off for floor exercises.
Here is her backroll.
Here is the handstand gone Kirsten!
Here is Kirsten swinging back on the bar. One of her favorite apparatuses.
She is giving good effort on the vault even if it terrifies her.