Monday, January 11, 2010

A visit to the dentist!

Caleb's attempted his first teeth cleaning last wednesday. He did great to let the dentist look in his mouth and count his teeth, but drew the line when we started polishing his teeth. He would sit up and start to gag. He got 5 teeth out of 20, not too bad for a start. He loved wearing the classes and looking in his hand mirror.
The only way we got the 5 teeth polished was if he got to push the button to get himself a drink from the little sprayer. It was so funny! The staff really was great about just letting him do what he was comfortable with and not forcing anything. We'll try it again in 6 months.
Zach is just chillin out in this chair taking it all in strides.
He is smiling...although with the spot light it's hard to see. While all the kids were in 3 different rooms, I tried to get them on a picture, but I didn't get Kirsten...she'll probably thank me later for not getting that moment on film.

Sledding over the break!

On the saturday after Christmas, we decided it was about time we took the kids sledding. It was one of the warmer days so we didn't have any excuses left. We found the perfect place at one of the elementary schools, (Cherry Creek, I think) We had seen the hill when Zach was playing soccer this year and thought it was steep enough, but not too steep and maybe not as discovered as the Rock Canyon Park is in Provo, where it is too populated and down right scarry for being too icey and steep and watch out for your life dodging people.
After being there awhile, I left to go get Allie, our lab and more sleds. The kids and Nathan had made a jump at the bottom of the slope. We were trying it out. Check out the movie at the bottom. I only seemed to video when there were wipeouts, but they really did have fun.
After the jump was made, Kirsten decided to make her own flat path.
The kids going down the slope on the tube. Yes, Gale's these are some of the same ones we used when we were growing up. I inherited them when Lisa moved to the snowless California State. Sadly, only one is still functional.
Kirsten getting a helpful push down the slope. We found the little plastic disks from walmart works great.
Zach heading back up for more. He is getting so big, last year he couldn't even carry this tube. Notice the bend in the tube...we love our handy dandy duck tape. It was the last straw for this tube.
I tried a number of times to get Allie to go down with me on the disk, but she didn't want to sit still long enough. After that she would attack us with slobber when we were trying to get positioned before take off. She had a blast.
Zach and I speeding down the hill after a run and jump style mounting.
Kirsten and me with the same technique, but with allie attempting to catch up with us on the way down.
Calbe and I taking it head out here comes the jump! Granted it doesn't look like much of a jump...but it could give you some air action!
Caleb and I taking a different mode of transport down the slope. Those disks go fast, but oh they are getting tinnier every year.
Here I'm trying to get allie to go on the disk with me. She sat for a minute, but jumped off on the way down giving me much love for my attempt. I hate slobbery kisses.
Here allie is beating me to the bottom on our attempted dog and woman ride together.
At the beginging,Caleb would ride to the bottom and then fall off and dust off his boots of snow...he tried in a failed attempt to keep his boots clean.
I just loved these pictures of him. He is getting so big and trying to fit in with the bigger kids. He was a trooper after all of his spills, he didn't even complain that he was soaking wet only when he face planted and his sister and brother landed on top of him. What a tough guy!
We made more tracks and then had a race to the bottom.
More races...
Look at Caleb, he is riding with me and trying to fend off allie from her kissing advances.
The wipe out, I was talking about earlier. Poor little guy!
It took alot of convincing to get him to go down the slope again by himself. When he started to tip over he would let go from the disk and then tumble out. We had to remind him to keep holding on with two hands so he could stay balanced. He had alot more fun when he stayed on for the whole ride.
Hitting the bump and staying on...
Almost over and still hanging on...
We were having so much fun; we attracted attention from the neighbor kids and invited them to come try it out.
Zach trying to keep his balance on the jump.
Hitting is going backwards was a little bit scary, but this little dare devil just held on.
Kirsten taking the jump.
Caleb getting some air and still he has two hands...he's learning by trial and error.
Here he is proud that he made it down with now wipe outs and is headed back for more. Look at that proud smile.

Christmas Day continued...

As things settled down, Uncle Danny helped Zach put together his new starwars lego ship. Zach is growing up fast, but still loves to build everything he can with legos.
Kirsten got the new advanced Operation game so we had to try it out. There are different difficulty levels that you can turn it to along with sounds that tell you which object that you try to get out with the tweezers.
All the family at the Christmas Dinner. We had a late christmas breakfast after presents too, but I just had to get a picture of all of us fitting in the kitchen.
Ellie was hiding back in the corner in the highchair. We couldn't leave her out. This was her first time in a highchair and she lasted quite a while.
I know it isn't the best of pictures, but it shows everyone! Merry Christmas to Mom and Dad Stitt in Paris from all of us here in the states. All the adults will get a chance to go visit them sometime this year as we all got two round trip tickets to Paris for our Christmas present. It was a real surprise when Rachel opened her card and read the back...she was expecting gift certificates to McDonald' they even have McDonalds in Paris?...I guess we will find out. Now onto passports...
As the family was trickling out I got a shot of some of the siblings. (L) Caitlin, Ryan, Aubrey, and Steve.
I always say that Caleb takes after his unlce ryan...what do you think? Maybe I need to get a younger picture of Ryan and then compare? Thanks for coming Ryan and Steve...It was great to have everyone together.

Christmas Day at our house!

Zach made this cute little place mat for Santa and his reindeer's treats. Notice the handsanitizer so Santa can wash off his germs before he partakes. (I can't remember if it was Kirsten or Zach who suggested that...they are listening to some of the things I say)
Kirsten's present from Santa Clause was a little petshops house. Notice the kids new PJ's that was their Christmas Eve present. Both boys got the buzz light year jams.
Caleb got a new farm set with lots of pieces to put together. Thanks Aunt Rachel and Aubrey for taking the time to put it together for him.
Zach got nerf guns which we all loved and played a war game, girls against boy over the break many times. We liked it so much we went out and got enough guns for us all to be able to play together. The Church gym was the best place to play.
I love the expression on Kirsten's face when the boys opened their bakugons!
One of Kirsten's favorite presents was her digital camera and video. It is from Vtech and she can edit and embellish the photos she takes along with the video and if that is not all she can also play games on it too. It was the perfect thing for our little artist.
All the family down in the living room after the presents were opened and the playing began.

Christmas Eve Celebrations!

Uncle Ryan and Steve flew in on Christmas Eve this year and all that made it possible for all the Stitt siblings to get together. We met up at Aubrey's house for pizza and traditions. Aunt Rachel read the polar express while we all listened.
We are getting to be a rather large group, but everyone had a place.
Caleb had more than one place as he migrated from one spot to another.
More of the gang, Aunt Caitlin, Uncle Danny, and Uncle Andrew and Aunt Camille in the back.
Aunt Aubrey didn't mind helping out with Ellie. She is such a little cutie!
Ryan, Kirsten, and Zach are intent on the polar express story. This is right before Ryan found the bell sound on his phone.

When the kids shook it, it not only had the bell sounds, but vibrated too. If you shook it enough Santa even laughed for you. It was a sure hit with the kids.
We also acted out the nativity story with a lot of add-ins while Nathan read from the scripture account. Zach is a sheep that lead in the donkey-ryan, Mary-Kirsten, and the riding Joseph-Caleb.
Then everybody needed a ride on the donkey! The poor donkey had a lot of balancing to do to keep everyone from falling over.