Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese: Birthday dinner

Since Zach missed his traditional "going out to eat" birthday dinner, he chose to go to Chuck E. Cheese's after his baptism. Aunt Aubrey came with us and helped a bunch by going around with us to the games and arcades.
Zach and dad liked playing the shooting games.
Our all time favorite game and the one that allotted us the most tickets was the shark game. You had to try and hit down the sharks heads with your hands when they would pop up. We all loved being together and having fun. The boys both earned an airhead candy, a disappearing token box and some toy frogs. Kirsten earned some candy and some frogs as well. What a memorable day...but it wasn't over yet.
When we were home in Washington over Thanksgiving, my parents sent home Christmas money. We stopped at Toysrus on the way home and the kids picked out some toys. They were all really excited to get home and try them out. Zach got a pen that shoots rubber bands. Kirsten got a moving kitten and some tarty candy. Caleb got a big package of mini cars. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!

Zach's Baptism day! Dec. 4, 2010

We were so excited that Zach chose to get baptized! Here we all are on his big day.
He was so blessed to have his primary teacher, Sis. Kirkland come.
I was a little disappointed that we couldn't have Zach baptized while visiting in Washington where more family could attend, but we were and are really blessed to have great family and friends who are as close as family here in Utah. The Laing family, the Cook family, the Kirkland family minus dad, and Camille, Aubrey and Caitlin all were able to come and show their support for Zach. Rachel was planning on coming, but Ellie got the chickenpox. We missed them.
Makayla and Zach were the two that were baptisms from the SpringCreek 14th ward.
I'm so proud of the young man that you are becoming Zach! We love you and are glad that you are part of our family forever.

The forever drive home!

The frost, snow and ice look beautiful if your not our in it; especially if your not driving out in it.
It was foggy and cold when we set out on Sunday to head for home. Little did we know it would be a looooooooooooooong day of driving. Our usual 9 hour trip took us 18 hours with the snow and icy roads. This is after being detoured through Pocatello too because of the high snow drifts on the borders of Utah and Idaho.
All the kids were buckled in nice and tight.
We had a packed car and the kids were all nice and cozy with their blankets and pillows.
We love you Grandma and Grandpa...until next time.

Other activities over Thanksgiving

Another tradition is making german hotcakes for breakfast. Grandma and Kirsten made them one of the mornings we were there. As always, they were delicious!
Mike and Dorothy were starting to move things into their new house...which is gorgeous by the way! They did most of the work themselves with help from family. We helped do some unpacking. Unpacking isn't fun, but having help and that help being family makes it funner. We loved being with our family and being able to help them if even a little bit. After a little work pizzas always a good idea. All the kids could fit around the bar counter with a little sharing of stools.

That pizza even looks good enough to each now!

Thanksgiving in Washington- Zach's 8th B-day!

My son turned 8 years old on Thanksgiving! He is becoming such a little man and we are so proud of him. Since his birthday was going to fall over Thanksgiving, thought it only fair that we give him voice as to where he wanted to spend it... Hands down he chose to go to WA to be with our family. He was in heaven with his Uncles, Grandparents, and cousins.
Grandpa and Grandma stocked him with new "tech decks" and ramps for his birthday. He couldn't have been happier and spend many hours playing with them and changing their wheels and boards.
Since he is going to be a cub scout now... it is tradition to get the scout uniform and the wolf book. He actually had a pretty good response even if it was clothes for his birthday.
He was excited about his new digital/video camera with video games. He had fun taking pictures of all the activity with cousins. The games came in handy on the long ride home.
Eating cake with cousins. Thanks Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Mike for baking my cake. It was just the way I like it yellow on the inside and chocolate covered on the outside. Yummy!
Everyone enjoyed it while still trying to make room after the big dinner.
Gloria having her healthier choice of apples. She's diabetic and has to keep an eye on her sugar intake. How not fun!
David on the other hand gets to eat all the sweets that he can find. Much to the dismay of our mother!
Zach's birthday wouldn't be complete unless he got to play his favorite game of "Sorry." What a perfect end to a perfect day! We love you Zach!

Thanksgiving in Washington!

Name tags are a tradition that the kids like to do for Thanksgiving. Kaylee, Kiera, Kassidy, and Mikenna made the feathered turkeys and Kirsten used Grandma's stamps to make the other ones. Some families don't have to do this, but when you have alot of people (18) in makes for an easier time.
Kirsten keeping busy making her name place settings.
Another tradition for the kids is making the o'dourve turkey. It always seems we are seeing more eating going on than putting on the turkey body. It's a fun tradition and gives the kids something to prepare.
We enjoyed our time together just hanging around. Cute Mikenna helping to demonstrate while we were waiting for everyone to take their seats for the feast!

With my family coming we needed more space. The kids had two tables in the family room. It's so much fun to have cousins!
Zach's 8th birthday fell on Thanksgiving and so we tried to combine the two. Notice the VIP on his chair and Grandma also got some noise blowers.
Kirsten being silly before the feast.
The feast has begun... YUM!
We dished up over in the kitchen using the island and the counters. We had a ton of food.

David is more than ready to eat. I can just hear him saying, "everyone sit down already so we can eat!" Mom found these pretty goblets and the adults got to use them. Mom always makes the whole picture perfect even down to the display of the table settings.
Dad and his older sister, Gloria taking a pic before the food is dished up.
We are so lucky to have our dad's mom and dad with us and doing so well. They joined us for dinner and visiting.
Amazing enough we still had room for pie after dinner and cake. There is always room for sweets in my book!
We had a great evening visiting then it was time to say goodbye. Bundle up it's cold out there.

Thanksgiving in Washington-snow!

Uncle David's fun with the 4-wheeler!We were surprised to find so much snow in Washington when we went to visit at Thanksgiving! The kids were thrilled to play in it though! Kirsten enjoying one of Uncle David's toys!

Zach going for a ride! "Look no hands"
Uncle David would take the kids up the road to the dead end; then ...
..bring them back.
Caleb looks like he was enjoying his ride. Although, I did hear after the fact that he got dumped off.
He decided to ride with Uncle Joe after that. Joe just turned 12 the week before. Man time flies.
Caleb decided the old fashioned sledding down the hill in the back was good enough for him.
And back up he comes. Notice this year he has to carry his own sled.
And down he spins. Thanks for the fun in the snow Uncle Joe, Uncle David, and Grandpa.