Friday, September 12, 2008

Caleb's party continues

These pictures came out in a jumble. Yes mom the monkey pjs fit caleb perfectly. He even insisted on wearing them after bath like a true 2 year old. Thank you. Caleb was fortunate enough to get other gifts too. Including a new scooter from us and the kids. Kirsten and Zach decorated his wrapping paper and helped caleb try out the scooter. G & G stitt and family got Caleb magnet cars to go with the "Cars" movie and a talking broom. Caleb goes around saying, " sweeepin, sweepin" just like the voice on the broom. GG&GG Gale sent a cutie train card with some money for savings. Caleb loved the card and pointed at it and said, "tain, too too."Thank you everyone.

Caleb's party continues

From the beginning to the end of the cake pre, caleb loved the licking part. I found the plates, cups, hats and napkins for his jungle party at a friend's garage sale for $1 total. You can't beat that especially if they aren't used first. caleb had fun with the party hats and even started playing peek-a- boo with aubrey. Kirsten played the big sister and did monkey ears. You gotta love big sisters!

Caleb's 2nd Birthday Party

Can you believe it Caleb is 2 years old! It's hard to believe that the nightmare that we went through to get him here was only two years ago. I still remember it. It is a miracle that he is with our family today and doing so well. He is now 26 pounds and 33 inches tall. He started out at 3lbs 13 ounces and 16 inches long. boy has he grown! Aubrey and Camille came to celebrate.

Can you here me Now

We were playing outside and Caleb found these headphones at a neighbors house. They are the industrial headsets to really keep the noise out. Anyway, he tried them on and liked it. He posed for a few shots in which one he is doing his "cheese" face and then decided they would work perfectly for when he is mowing the sidewalk. He is rarely outside without having his faithful sidekick, his lawnmower with him  

He did it!

After the first week of school, I found myself happy with the accomplishment of getting Zach to kindergarden without tears from both of us. Now I've moved on to being elated that Zach can now ride the bus to school with no tears. Addie and Sophie are Zachs moral support as he waits for the bus to come. Look, he even has a smile on his face as he says goodbye. We are so proud of you Zach!

Fun in the Rain!

Grandma Gale sent the kids these ponchos awhile back and I never remember to get them out or when I do  it stops raining. This wasn't the case this time. Zach the frog, Caleb the quacker, and Kirsten the bug, I mean ladybug. They were all so cute I couldn't just pick one.

Aunt Aubrey's new form of boy exercise!

We enjoyed having Aunt Aubrey stay with us for a week before she could get into her Utah apartment. The kids gave her a good workout. I hope she still wants to have any of her own when she leaves. J/K 

the captive audience for the tree falling

Lona Marie, Aspen, Taylor, Zachary,Caleb, Aunt Aubrey and me all watched the process of the tree coming down. Then we went over to investigate and play in the remains.  

They all fell down... with a little help

The Paynter Family live down the street from us and planted this tree in 1999 when they moved in. It's roots started to get into the electrical boxes and under the side walks so they decided the long time friend and neighborhood shade tree had to go. We all sat out with our lawn chairs and watched the excitement unfold.

The soccer goal

Zachary has been having a BALL with soccer! He is getting better with his technique and he scored his first goal this season last wednesday. He was estatic! Way to go Zach! We love you!