Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our big soccer player! It is saturday and he's smiling after getting sick on thursday night after the last soccer game, but ready for more time on the field. What a trooper!
Here's one of Zach's soccer/ school buddies Carson Norman. They share more than a friendship, they share the short jeans too.
Coach paynter is giving Zach some sideline advice.
Zach is getting in a little of the action with this kick.
After a game well played with enthusiasm, we give a cheer for the opposing teach. "huddle together fire dragons."

Fishing and the rodeo!

After the farm chores we were all ready for something cold and refreshing. We ate some dip and dots while we waiting in line for the fishing pond. After going through the fishing safety rules, the fish and game department let the kids try at fishing in the stocked pond. Kirsten caught the only fish. Zach caught quite a few fish but they were too big and bit off the hooks twice. Uncle MJ met up with us at the fishing pond and got to visit a little till he headed to the airport to catch his plane. We love it when MJ comes to visit even if it goes too fast.
MJ followed his tradition of getting the kids a treat. This time it was some yummy frozen lemonade. On this hot day it just hit the spot. Thanks MJ!
We were all too glad when the rodeo started. There were some pretty tough riders. One rider had the horse fall on top of him crushing his leg underneath, but after awhile he was able to get off out of the arena floor with help.
Ridim cowboy! We didn't enjoy the people that stood at the railing in front of us. Some of our fellow stadium seaters got pretty vocal.
The group after a long day at the fair, some still smiling others not so much.

Salt Lake Fair continued...Little hands on the farm!

Okay, it might be a little hard to tell what this is, but if you look closely the big silver thing is a pail, and the dripping things are cow utters or "tits" as grandpa wells would call them. While at the fair, there was an area for the kids to experience farm work. They put on aprons got a basket and headed down the path. We came to the milking barn where the kids could milk the cow (a pretend one of course with water). It was a little more difficult for the kids to get results but they tried it. Caleb is just ducking out of the picture off for the next chore.
We picked apples in the orchard.
We planted vegetable seeds in the garden. Little tokens with pictures of the vegetable that you had to find the right row to plant in.
Then you walked around to the other side of the garden and harvested your vegetable.
Then you rode your John Deere to the market to sell your produce.
Don't forget to fill up the tractor with gas first so you don't get stranded on the road.
Caleb needed a little help from the daddy work force in order to propel his tractor forward. The gears (pedals) where just a little out of his reach.
We passed through the shearing barn to collect our wool to take to market.
Caleb worked hard to make his wool shiny and smooth first.
We collected eggs in the hen house. Then at the end we distributed all our wares in the right bin at market and collected our earning which we redeemed at the store for a fruit snack. Fun idea for a hands on learning experience.

Animals at the Salt Lake city fair!

We went up to the fair on saturday, Sept. the 12th to see the festivities. The kids got to see lots of animals, big and small.
Some of the barns that housed the animals were more fragrant than others. Caleb was more than willing to share his opinion on this. "Steenty mommy."
Here was one of the unusual animals that we saw. A long horned goat with a pack saddle. Now instead of horses, hikers are using goats to haul their equiptment in and out of the mountains.
I don't know if the real reason that Caleb is so happy for seeing the cute baby bunnies or the sucker that he got to have. The bunnies were adorable...but not so much when Kirsten tried to talk us into getting one to stay as a pet in the house...I think not!
Sharks! Yes, they even had sharks at the fair grounds. The kids got into this shark cage, with a shark following close behind...they don't look too scared though!
This had to be one of Zach's favorite spots at the fair. He loves sharks and keeps asking when we can go back to San Diego to see the sharks again.
Bears! yes, we even saw a bear show at this fair. Their was a little showing where the bears did some tricks and the kids ate it up. Very entertaining!

Caleb is 3 years old!

After Caleb opened his presents we hurried through our orange rolls for breakfast and he headed out to his "Chariot Wagon" to his siblings bus. He was all decked out in his armor, but decided the helmet and sword were less cumbersome. Our friends Aspen and Taylor joined in our caravan.
Then Dad brought the birthday boy back to his castle, where the fun continued.
We played out side with more of our friend Haylee and Josh joined us and brought some cool bubble straws that we tried out.
Then Caleb couldn't wait any longer,and had to delve into his birthday treats! He was a great sharer..."here's one for you Aspen."
When we play outside, we always attract more friends for more makes 5.(joshua is being held on the sidelines.) The kids were taking a break from bug collecting...mostly rollie pollies.
After awhile the kids wanted some real food so we went in for the all time favorite of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Taylor and Caleb were being silly and cute so we had to take some more pictures. Aspen thought this was hilarious!
Then time for more games and fun. We did stencils for a bit then played their favorite game...Hullabaloo.
When the older kids got home from school, Caleb shared his cupcakes with everyone and then tried out another birthday treat of candy necklace. It took him a little while to figure out how to bit off the candy rather than just suck on it and then let the sticky remnants fall back onto his neck...yuck!
Caleb had one more present to close out the day. Grandma stitt sent this magnet shapes kit that had patterns for making pictures. Caleb's favorite was the train of course. Thank you everyone for celebrating with us and for all the birthday calls. What a fun filled day!

Cabel' s 3rd birthday morning

We started out the morning with presents because the day was packed full...Caleb didn't mind one bit.

The grand prize present was the ultimate his reaction...priceless!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dogsitting Daisy!

This is Daisy! She is our good friends newest member to their family. When they went to a family missionary welcome home, Kirsten got to dogsit Daisy! Isn't she cute!
I wasn't sold on having Daisy have free rain of the house, so we set hr up in the a big playpen area. The kids spend a lot of time with her...cuddling, throwing her bone and watching her slide across the floor to get it.
When Daisy would go to the gate the kids would try to lure her away with attention. Kirsten took her out to potty every 1.5 hours during the day. It was more work than she expected, but she loved every minute. Zach and Caleb were good dogsitters too. Daisy went to Friday date night at Sonic with us and to the Saturday soccer game too. Through it all she stayed relatively clean except when Kirsten, trying to be helpful had her play in a water puddle at the game and then walk through the wet muddy grass. Needless to say we gave her a foot bath when we got home. Thanks Laings for the chance to watch Daisy!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Our weekend getaway!

Aunt Aubrey moved to a new place that is closer to us and has a pool. We took advantage of her offer and had some pizza and a dip in the pool with her and Aunt Camille and Caitlin. The kids are trying to rinse off in the shower after their swim. Poor Caleb is not getting much more than a trickle.
We celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this last month August 13 and Aunt Aubrey stayed at the house with the kids from Friday night (aug.21) to Sunday afternoon the 23rd. We got a hotel just up in Lehi, went swimming, slept in,went to two matinee, " the time traveler's wife" and "the proposal." We originally were only going to see one, but after watching the time traveler's wife, I was disappointed with the ending and wanted to see a movie with a good happy, ending. We had a late lunch, headed back to the hotel and just relaxed and enjoyed our time alone. It was great...and the kids had a blast without us. Aunt Aubrey took them to Aunt Rachel's in Lehi on Saturday afternoon and they visited, Sadie and Otto and Ellie, made forts and otherwise enjoyed every minute.

Ellie looks so small compared to our giant Caleb.
Zach is in heaven when fort building is involved. Thanks Aunt Rachel and Aunt Aubrey for taking such good care of our kids and giving us this much appreciated time together!

Zach's happenings!

By the end of the summer, Zach had gotten the hang of riding his two wheeler by himself. Now that is the first thing that he wants to do when he goes outside. He still has some tumbles when he takes a turn too fast but he is and excellant rider. Way to go Zach! We've been going on bike rides now that 2 out of 3 can ride while mom and dad run with Allie, our lab, and Caleb in the stroller... it is a site to behold.
Zach's soccer has also started. We had practice on saturday, tuesday and wednesday, then a game on Thursday the 27th of August. The "Zach attack" was ready and rearing to go. We have two games a week for the next 6 weeks. Stay tuned for more fun on the field.

Another outing for Caleb first day of no school

We still had buns from the reunion and needed to use them...we shared with the ducks. Caleb found this diversion quite fun and it took his mind off of his brother being gone to school all day. I have to say I got used to having the two boys home and them entertaining each I'm the entertainer again.
The ducks did get some bread although I find it funny that Caleb feeds himself the bread too. "One for the ducks and one for me." This time we tried to work on breaking the bread apart before throwing it to the ducks or at the ducks sine we couldn't see that much ground for all the ducks waiting.