Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Goofy's Kitchen Breakfast

Here are the chef's for our breakfast this sunday morning!
Here is the whole clan of our Disneyland Dream adventure!
After a very short lived breakfast menu...Caleb opted to go to the dessert choices. He is shoving the worms into his mouth from the dirt cake. Yummy!
Yuckie...am I really eating worms...either way real or fake they are coming out!
Zach took advantage of the dessert options and took one of everything...dirt cake, cookie pizza, and cereal bar. The dirt cake and worms won the popularity contest.
While eating breakfast the characters came around to say HI and also had the kids help in the kitchen by banging pots and pans together and/or spatulas and wooden spoons. The kids loved the hands on fun!
They also helped Goofy, chip and Dale bake a cake. What fun for the imagination.

Fun in reinactments

You might recognize this sword....
Zach likes swords, but this one was a little stuck...
He is trying real hard to get it unstuck...
Nathan has a go at it...but to no avail...this sword is stuck in the stone.
Mike entertains us after the river boat ride with his acting ablilities. The guide for this ride was so funny cracking joke after joke and not skipping a beat.

Space Mountain and the car ride

This was our first roller coaster ride and Kirsten wasn't that impressed. She must've not liked the combination dark and fast and wipe lash. Zach went on again he like it so much. Being in the front car is so much more of a thrill.
Here's a shot inside from the ride camera. Jessica Epson is the brave one in the back with no hands.
Zach loved driving the cars. It was so real with the cars dieing on the track and the puddles splashing not the pedestrians but the riders.
You can kinda see MJ in the car behind Zach and Mike. Fun, Fun ,Fun

Screamer roller coaster and the new woody rides

I didn't think that Kirsten liked roller coaster, but she surprised us all by riding twice. Oncel with nathan and again with me. Caleb was sleeping and Zach wasn't tall enough. I didn't realize that this ride went upside down until we were strapping in and Kirsten said that she liked the "loop te loop." I asked her what that was and she said, "the part that goes upside down." By then it was too late to turn back. We were fooming down the track. I had fun, but have to admit that most the time my eyes were closed in prayer that I would make it to the end. Kirsten you are a trooper and one brave cookie.
Part of the track has to have a continuous spray of water on it because the car goes sooo fast it would catch the track on fire if it wasn't cooled off... that is scary in alot of ways.
Here is the part where we went upside down. Do you see the coaster car?
The woody ride was another one of our favorites. Caleb was asleep for the first time through so we all used that excuse to go again. It is a 3D shooting experience. Way too fun. I could've spent all day in just this ride trying to improve my aim.
Here is Caleb with the shooter. You just pull that little black ball out and aim to fire. Great fun!

More rides

We had a break in the rain and decided to forgo returning to the hotel with Lisa and MJ for a chance at more rides. This swing ride was fun.The swings are inside of a huge orange and you can get an amazing view as you go higher and higher. Zach just barely squeaked by for his height, but he had to ride with an adult. Caleb was not impressed and watched mournfully by the exit gate for us.
We went higher and higher...
and even heigher.
We also rode on Ariel's friends from the sea carosel. Zach's back in his bag.
Here is Kirsten on her sea seal friend. Try to say that 10 times fast.

Pooh Bear, and Eiyore...the house favorites!

Caleb couldn't stand it any longer...He went to the breakfast area infront of us and took Pooh by the hand and lead him over to us. Pooh was definatly Caleb's favorite character!
Pooh Bear gave hugs all around. He definatly was and is a cuddly old bear!
Caleb had a hard time letting go of Pooh's hand. This bear was a good sport!
He entertained while we ate some of our breakfast. He saw Zach's coat on the back of a chair and brought it next to his shirt to show that they were the same color and then put it on his nose and head. The kids were cracking up! What great entertainment!
Pooh didn't stop with the coat...he started bopping the kids on the head with their balloons. Jessie couldn't contain her laughter. What fun memories they'll have!
A hug for tigger!
Eiyore was very cuddle too! Caleb just petted him. Tanner wasn't sure if he wanted to turn his back on this grey creature and watched him like a hawk.
Zach just snuggled up close...Eiyore was fuzzy and warm!Zach got a small stuffed animal Eiyore for one of his surprises. This is a cuter picture though!
Caleb didn't know what this animal was,but he looked like a dog of horse so he just pet him again.
Here's the girls taking time for a quick picture and then back to breakfast again.
Tigger was just as playful as you would expect...teasing Zach with his hood!
He did get down to give Caleb a hug though.
He did a little dance with the girls. They thought that was pretty cool!
Then he tried to sneak up on Caleb when he went back to his food...this got a good laugh from the other kids.

more characters at breakfast!

On the way into the park this morning we saw Alladdin and Jasmine. We didn't see many characters outside because of the weather and ran for a picture. One of the afternoons when it was down pouring and with the chance of clearing in the pm, Vickie got us tickets to see the Alladin show. We had front row tickets. We had dancers, elephants, singing, and amazing sets right at our feet. It was a once in a lifetime show and we got to enjoy it. Caleb even sat still up till the end and it was over an hour. When we walked out of the theatre we were greeted by sunshine and got a chance to further dry out! Yes!
Kirsten couldn't wait to get her turn with Minnie! She got a minnie doll for one of her surprise gifts...she was disappointed with the size at first, but then loved it.
We pushed Tanner in his highchair for this cute picture.
Kirsten got her wish to come true in going to Disneyland. Now she is posing with this Fairy Godmother.
Rafiki came and tried to scare Caleb as we were eating. He didn't want to touch him, but wanted mommy to and kept pointing at me.

Character Breakfast at the park

Chip and Dale met us at breakfast in the park after our early morning into the park. They were very willing to pose for a picture.
Kirsten gets a hug from one of the lovable chipmunks.
Caleb gave us one of his best "cheeses." He loved the characters and couldn't wait literally for the next character to meet us in our eating area.
Caleb got pretty good at giving "fives." Kisses are only for princess'.
Captain Hook didn't make Zach walk the plank this time...he even let Zach shake his hook!