Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese: Birthday dinner

Since Zach missed his traditional "going out to eat" birthday dinner, he chose to go to Chuck E. Cheese's after his baptism. Aunt Aubrey came with us and helped a bunch by going around with us to the games and arcades.
Zach and dad liked playing the shooting games.
Our all time favorite game and the one that allotted us the most tickets was the shark game. You had to try and hit down the sharks heads with your hands when they would pop up. We all loved being together and having fun. The boys both earned an airhead candy, a disappearing token box and some toy frogs. Kirsten earned some candy and some frogs as well. What a memorable day...but it wasn't over yet.
When we were home in Washington over Thanksgiving, my parents sent home Christmas money. We stopped at Toysrus on the way home and the kids picked out some toys. They were all really excited to get home and try them out. Zach got a pen that shoots rubber bands. Kirsten got a moving kitten and some tarty candy. Caleb got a big package of mini cars. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!

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