Monday, October 20, 2008

"Look Mom No Training Wheel"

On Friday, October 17,2008 Kirsten tried once again and succeeded to ride her bike unassisted by me or training wheels. Hurray Kirsten! We knew you could do it and now so do you.
Zach, wanting to be like his sister, tried to ride solo too, but still needs some more practice. Maybe next time.
Caleb had fun observing. At one point he too had to have a helmet on, but watched from his stroller. 
Both kids insisted that it was easier to ride in the street, which it is. However, this goes against all of my mommy rules to play in the street. Oh, well, I guess you have to let them grow up eventually.

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dots said...

If you lived closer we could go on way fun bike rides!! The girls love getting around...just got to get Mikenna up to speed!!