Monday, November 9, 2009

Pumpkins from start to finish!

We were a little late at going to pick out pumpkins this year; leaving it till the week of Halloween. When we went to pick out our pumpkins it was bitter cold outside so we we strongly encouraging the kids to "hurry and pick a pumpkin." Caleb of course said, " me hoad it."
Here's Kirsten finding her perfect pumpkin. This time we didn't have our fingers go through the pumpkins underside because lots of the pumpkins were soft and starting to rote from being on the ground too long. Yuck! Luckily we were all wearing our gloves.
Here are the perfect pumpkins that we finally found. We are all frozen and eager to get into the van and out of the wind.
On Halloween morning Nathan took the initiative and carved pumpkins with the kids. Here is his demonstration on how to get the goup out. The kids always have the same reaction..eeeew!
Nevertheless, the plunged into their pumpkins and got the job done. We had to save the goup in a bowl for Zach's choice of pumpkin decorating this year.
Still hard at work....
The finished products. Kirsten's selection....
Zach and Nathan had way too much fun with this one!
Caleb, just glad to be a part of it this year! His pumpkin was harder to was really tough. We didn't know there were differences in the skins until this year.
The happy cheesy kids and of course their pumpkins!

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