Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Eve Celebrations!

Uncle Ryan and Steve flew in on Christmas Eve this year and all that made it possible for all the Stitt siblings to get together. We met up at Aubrey's house for pizza and traditions. Aunt Rachel read the polar express while we all listened.
We are getting to be a rather large group, but everyone had a place.
Caleb had more than one place as he migrated from one spot to another.
More of the gang, Aunt Caitlin, Uncle Danny, and Uncle Andrew and Aunt Camille in the back.
Aunt Aubrey didn't mind helping out with Ellie. She is such a little cutie!
Ryan, Kirsten, and Zach are intent on the polar express story. This is right before Ryan found the bell sound on his phone.

When the kids shook it, it not only had the bell sounds, but vibrated too. If you shook it enough Santa even laughed for you. It was a sure hit with the kids.
We also acted out the nativity story with a lot of add-ins while Nathan read from the scripture account. Zach is a sheep that lead in the donkey-ryan, Mary-Kirsten, and the riding Joseph-Caleb.
Then everybody needed a ride on the donkey! The poor donkey had a lot of balancing to do to keep everyone from falling over.

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