Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas parties...for church, for animals, and kids

The SpringCreek 14th ward Christmas party was a lot of fun... We had good friends (the kids sat at the "kids" table and the adults all sat together too), great food,(real mashed potatoes, ham, salad, rolls and a number of tasty desserts), and of course Santa Clause himself with Mrs. Clause.
Santa Clause was the favorite of the party. The activities committee did a fabulous job. Their hard work payed off.
The kids and Mr. C. Why oh why is it almost impossible to get all of the kids smiling at the same time?
Caleb was so excited about Santa Clause. He tried to skip ahead in line, but when it was our turn he jumped right up on Mr. C's lap with a grin on his face.
Zach was pondering the age old question by Santa..."what do you want for Christmas...where you a good boy this year? I'm not sure which question the look is for...
Kirsten was ready with the answers to those questions and Santa leaned down to hear her better.
Our vet was and is still building on to his animal hospital and wanted to celebrate the opening of the new wing. All the family including allie went to have a tour, cookies and punch and bones, and a picture with Santa. Allie did really well around the other dogs and did the customary sniff, but no barking.
1st grade Christmas party before the break. I went and helped out in Zach's class this time. I helped with the craft to make the reindeer ornaments. Olivia and Hayden held theirs up for a photo. This was certainly easier to make and clean up than the spiders I did for Halloween in Kirsten's class and cute to boot.
Another center was to make a santa hat. Zach is displaying his talent at being crafty.
This pooping party was only attended by Caleb and he didn't want anyone to bug him. I didn't want to be invited either, but someone has to clean this up....Potty training will happen someday, but I'm not going to force it like I did with the other two and then just get frustrated...although that is happening anyway.

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Lisa said...

why do they insist on "hiding" to do thier business. Tanner will now run under the table or go in the corner even and say "I'm pooping" Like it will make us not look at him. I ask him every time if he wants to poop in the toilet but he still say "no, in my diaper" One day I'm hoping that will change.