Friday, June 25, 2010

Making stepping stones

Aunt Corinne came up with this cool idea to do stepping stones that all the grandkids got to put their handprint in and then decorate with letters for their names and other objects. It was a production, but we Gale's just get in there and get it done...the kids had a blast. Although some didn't want to put their hands in the cement mud...
Notice "dad" "grandpa" at the end with the shovel..."anyone need anymore?"
Uncle Chris is helping get the right amount and consistancy of the cement.
Caleb's handprint in done...he looks a little worried about being "dirty." Jessi at the end is looking a little apprehensive as well.
All the girls are getting into it now. Grandma brought out some colored beads. Let the bedaveling begin!
Everyone "smile."
Now we are done...What's next?

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dots said...

Wish they would have turned out better :S Especially with all the work that went into them.