Thursday, June 24, 2010

Caleb's new ABC game!

Caleb and I have lots of time at home while the kids are at school. Sometimes I get creative in using our time together. We did the ABC giant train puzzle and then got the magnet abc's from the fridge and Caleb matched the letters to the puzzle. Sometimes I would give him hints using colors of the train or the animals, but most the time he would just go down the train till he found the match.
Matching the S with the snake on it...
Looking closely at the Q to see if it matches. I tried to get him to look at it from the other side so it wouldn't be upsidedown, but he didn't want to. He always did have his own way of doing things...himself.

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Lisa said...

cute idea! I need to try that, we have a big train puzzle too. Maybe next year when Jessi is in school:)