Saturday, July 10, 2010

Random pics!

I've been a mean mom and try to keep the kids inside between the hours of 10am-4pm because of the sun. Anyway Nathan downloaded a bunch of Avatar cartoons and star wars clone wars. The kids have been eating it up. Kirsten drew this picture on the whiteboard and then wanted nathan to take a picture of it. I love that they create carry over activities from a movie.
They also play in the playroom quite a bit, but when the space runs out for all the different things they are doing then they come out to expand. Notice the big box of legos. Grandma Gale donated them for Zach's enjoyment, but all the kids loved to build with more legos to choose from. The first night we stayed up till midnight exploring and building.
These are some of the things that they created. It was pretty intricite.

We try our best to put the kids to bed somewhat early...but they complain that it is still "light" outside and end up playing together upstairs. This is where they all ended up one night when we went to "put them away" as we call it or pt them in their right beds.
I love that Kirsten and Caleb are holding hands. I love you Monkeys!

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