Saturday, July 10, 2010


We love visiting with Great Grandpa and Grandma Wells. There is so much open space to run and explore! Attempt one at a picture wasn't bad...
Take 2 was a great picture!
When we were younger, the tradition was that Grandpa would "count our ribs" and see how far he could get before we laughed. Jessi tried it out. She gave grandpa a run for his money.
Great Grandma and Zach having a little chat. (Grandma got burned pretty bad yesterday at the reunion. OUCH!)
We were too big this time to sit on their laps! :) I love Grandpa's smile...that is so how I remember him...loving, accepting, and easy going.
The goodbyes continue with getting the kids packed in the car. Hunter had a different idea...that wouldn't be comfortable for the 14 hour trip home.
I love this little guy! He is so full of energy and fun! Caleb does too.
All ends well in a hug of promise....see you soon Tanner!

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