Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fireworks part 2: Idaho Falls

This time we went right to the chairs for the show. It was a more windy and cold at Corinne's so we wrapped the kids in blankets and provided the added bonus of popcorn.
Nathan brought over the hand poppers. The kids pulled a string and a popping sound resulted with some confetti. I love jessi's face in this one. She didn't know quite what to expect...she pulled the string anyway...NO FEAR generation.
I got one shot of the actual big fireworks! MJ, David, and Grandpa's stockpile provided a great show! Thanks guys!
We got a little smarter this time and spred the kids out to do the sparklers.
Then it was bathtime and ready for bed...but not without a little snuggle time!
Caleb didn't even make it to the snuggling. He was worn out from the GO GO GO of the weekend schedule. Fun in the sun and with your cousins can be exhausting.
We think that Zach was playing possum...but it was a cute moment anyway. We love our family!

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