Monday, April 12, 2010

Idaho Falls- Day 2 Tautphaus Park

Although it was still a little big cold outside, we went to Tautphaus Park. This park is really kid friendly with rubber padded ground covering and lots of cool big swings, slides, drums, and spinning tulip chairs. The kids had a blast and it was relatively ours for enjoying.
The wind picked up while we were there, but we all enjoyed the fresh air.
Ethan's form of swinging or hanging which ever you deem describes what he is doing.
He's decided he is done and is trying to remain balanced before he topples over head first.
He's righted himself, but is not sure he was done "swinging."
These are the cool swings I was talking about. They can fit an adult or two kids if you straddle the safety harness.
Zach's having a turn being Ethan's swinging partner in this one while having a little snack while he isn't on the move.
Caleb even enjoyed the big swing, although he looks really small in them.
There were different posts to the side of the toys, but we used little sticks to make noise. The gongs sticks were missing.
These were the kids other favorite item to play on. These cup like chairs were tipped alittle off balance and then would spin around with the child's weight.
Caleb taking his turn in the spinning tulip chair.
Zach kept wanting us to spin him faster and faster. He was mighty dizzy when he emerged.
Everyone at the top together before we called it quits.

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