Monday, April 12, 2010

Visiting the Cook's in Idaho Falls for spring break!

We had a great time visiting Corinne, Spencer and Ethan. The boys played with trains, cars, guns, and of course legos. It was fun seeing Ethan walking and talking more since it had been almost 8 months since we saw him last.
We learned Ethan's favorite shows are "pat pat" or Little Einsteins and "choo choo" or Chugginton the train show. These became the main entertainment as he only eats with the tv going.
When all the kids wanted to sit by Ethan, Ethan decided he didn't want to sit with any of them.
This is the cutest picture of Ethan. He is taking a ride on his spiderman 4 wheeler and giving the best "cheese" ever.
I tried to get all the kids in one shot, but with four kids someone is always moving. This time Caleb moved too much to the side.
The second shot got all of them in the picture and captured some personality as well. Can't you just see Ethan telling Kirsten to let go so he can be on his way and Kirsten doing her silly face and the other boys acting innocent when their minds are thinking of their next move to get on that bike.
Zach finally getting his one and only turn and then when the battery was dieing we couldn't figure out if it was going slow because of the weight it was carrying or the extra friction of the rug. Zach didn't get another chance to find out.
Caleb gets a turn, but not because Ethan willingly gave up his spot. He was chasing after Caleb like alot of the time when he wanted all of his toys, especially the ones that Caleb had, even if there were others to be had.
Caleb made his getaway and boy was he happy!

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