Monday, April 12, 2010

Nathan's 33rd birthday!

Nathan wanted a quiet, low key affair for his birthday. We enjoyed his favorite yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
Notice the fire power on that cake. He blew them out, but next time we might need a fire extinguisher!
I love this picture. The guys look like they got caught getting in the cookie jar when really they were just licking off the candles.
Nathan has been hinting at getting an elliptical machine awhile and when I was at costco 2 weeks before his birthday, I saw that they sold them. I called his sister, Camille who had purchased one recently and this one was $200 cheaper. I didn't get it at first because the price still seemed big. After paying for my purchases and leaving the parking lot I reconsidered thinking that if I didn't get it then they would all be gone and if I wanted to return it I always could. I went back in and made the just barely fit in the van with all but Caleb's seat folded down and two costco guys helping it into the space. I hid it in the garage covering it with objects that used to be in the shed. Nathan didn't notice it for a week. Then I couldn't stand to hold onto the surprise any longer and told him about it. He was estatic and we even put it together in companionable harmony! Happy Birthday Nathan! Thanks for all the birthday money moms and dads. We went out to eat at the end of the month to Tucanos! It was yummy!

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