Monday, April 12, 2010

Ward Adult Game night!

This activity was a blast! First of all there were no kids. Second of all we played my favorite tv show games: "The Price is Right" "Family Fued" and Take a candy bar or trade for a mystery box prize. We also had the newly wed game with all the bishopric and their wives and the clerk, his wife and the elders quorum president and his wife which was me and nathan. We both got to play the price is right and I even won a new dinning room table (or the placemats to go on them) and I played the right the check for the price of a world series baseball game tickets, and lost, but received the cosolation prize of a plastic bat and ball. What fun!
Dan was the showhost for family fued. His attire was from the DI and boy was it good, even the pastel pink dress shoes...that I didn't get in the picture. What a great sport!

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