Sunday, August 1, 2010

California trip: Tanner's 3rd Birthday!

We went to the bank where Grandma Vickie works for lunch to celebrate Tanner's birthday! The traditional "dado" birthday card is what tanner was opening first.
"Gaga" was telling Tanner to just push the card right here and see what happens...

Then it was time for the can't go wrong with orange...crab mask....
Orange Diego helicopter with dudes and an octupus
orange swim goggles. I love his expression..."coool"
orange and purple dragon/lizard that would extend it's head out when you push it. Tanner was hilarious doing the same tongue extention himself while pushing the dragons.
I love this kids tongue. I don't think his mother appreciates the chapped sore that results after seeing this tongue action though. Sorry lisa.

Gaga seeing if they will fit the dude!

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