Thursday, June 18, 2009

Return trip to Idaho, Great Grandparents Wells

My uncle Jeff and his boys Josh and Colton dropped Grandpa off after they were looking for a pipe for watering the field. What a great surprise it was to see them. they are getting so TALL.
I don't know what it is about doing funny faces during pictures, but again the kids couldn't resist doing them in this picture. Great Grandpa/ma Wells and the kids.
Kirsten was feeling free swinging out in the country! We love going to grandpa's farm.
Great Grandpa Wells and Zachary are just hanging out on the swings or at least grandpa was until the kids started pushing him.
If there is a slide...Caleb will be there. Up, down, up down and then again.
The kids love any animals that grandpa can show them. He had little baby chicks that the kids enjoyed looking at.
Caleb had to have one last look before heading back to the house!

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