Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hello to the old trusted and true friends from home!

It's sad but true that even though I get to come home to Washington for a visit, I don't always get everyone visited. I didn't do too bad this trip. I did get to visit with Megan pratt and Molly and their kids.
Megan finally got her girl after 3 boys. This is the first time I met Kaylee and she is a year old. Sad! She sure is a cutie!
We couldn't get Katie to pose for a picture, so molly grabbed her at the end before she could run for the door.
Here is a picture of the group of kids from 3 families that were playing. I'm glad my mom has a big house. Bottom: Kaylee, Bottom Right: Zach, Jarom Pratt, Dallin Pratt, Kiera Gale, Kaylee Gale, Middle left: Kassidy Gale, Kirsten Stitt, Caleb Stitt,a nd Talmage Pratt.

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