Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kelly Clarkston Concert at UVU!

Aubrey took it upon herself to get us all Kelly Clarkston tickets for her outdoor concert at Utah Valley University. I had just returned home the night before from visiting my parents in Washington and dropping corinne back off in Idaho and was almost thinking about bailing...I'm glad that I didn't it was an awesome experience and not just because she has an amazing voice and choice of song, but because of the company. I love my sisters! Isn't Rachel's little ball of a baby cute! Some people definately can look good pregnant. 3 weeks to go!
We were all a little worried that even before the concert began the clouds were threatening to drop on us. Rachel was prepared and brought a tarp for us to sit on and then blankets for on top and we all had our rain coats. We had a great view of the stage though.
Then it did start to rain and we piled on the layers of coats. After disneyland I didn't take any chances and brought nathan's fishing slicker along with my waterproof coat. We still had fun in the rain!
It really began to rain and then the sun came out and we got a rainbow, not one but two.
Notice the beautiful rainbow above the stage!
Now this it the lady with the lungs that we came to see and hear! Amazing once again!
She is a great performer with stage presence!
Even the emotion shows on her face as she sings!
A little men bashing and we all got into that!
A little bit of the band!
Another groupie of the band.
Kelly sang for a good hour, I couldn't believe she could belt it all out that long! By nine o'clock we were heading out to the crazy parking lot. After an hour in the lines to get out we finished off the night by going out to Chilles for a late dinner! Great choice! Yummy all around! Thanks again Aubrey for thinking of me!

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Looks like a lot of fun!!