Thursday, June 18, 2009

All the little fishies in the water!

Here is the group shot of all the swimmers after they had their fill of the pool water! Kaylee and Joe found some polish and are showing off their work.
Caleb didn't want to get out of the pool all together so he would take breaks and play on the toys even when he was turning blue. The kid is a dare devil and part fishie!
Grandpa tried to get him to stay in the tube...but caleb was having none of that. He wanted to be free.
Kirsten was getting tuckered out and cold. She is warming herself on the cement.
The pool hadn't been used for awhile and after cleaning it out with the net, Uncle mike turned on the vacuum. Everyone shied away from where it was especially Caleb.
A little noodle fun in the pool!
The daredevil starting out small!
That face is priceless. Believe it or not he slide again and again, and the face was more for the shock of the expected cold water rather than a fear of the water itself.
Bigger is not always better, but the boys tried it out anyway! Here comes Zach!
Caleb was right on his heals. After so many times of going down, Caleb wouldn't even wait for a spotter on the bottom. As we were putting on the cover and then the protective netting on top of that. Caleb decided to test out the safety factor of the net and surprised us by going down the slide again and landing in the middle of the pool on the net. We coached him to roll/crawl to the side where I could then hall him on the cement.
Kirsten got thrown by David all in the name of fun!

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