Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Visiting Teaching and baking lessons!

My VT companion/ friend, Jill and I have found a fountain of knowledge in our friend Sally. Among other talents she is an expert in cooking goodies. We had a cooking lesson one afternoon in making dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls. We had a fun time hanging out and improving our baking skills! Check out the size of her rolling pin...she used to own her own doughnut shop.
Jill hefting the pin before putting it to use.
The whole cooking crew and of course Caleb's head.
We are stirring in the ingredients...some by hand some not.
We are ready to roll out the cinnamon roll dough...
The closing off of the roll was the hardest part, but we had fun nevertheless.
Me hard at work on my roll..
Spritzing the rolls before they go in to cook...
Maybe a little tighter roll next time....
The yummy results and the hungry recipients!

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