Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our family pictues!

Family Pictures and the dilema of what to wear? I thought I was good in planning out the outfits for this years family picture, but my first attempt got shot down from nathan. I then turned it over to him and the consensus was we needed to keep looking. My sister Corinne, came to visit and we shopped around again for a whole day and came up with boring blue skirts for the boys and okay lime green for the girls. Nothing special, but clothes to wear. The day before the pictures I went to costco and found the boys sweaters and then took the sweater I was wearing while shopping and went to JcPenny's for one last effort in finding something for Nathan and Kirsten...the results speak for themselves. Too bad so much time was spent beforehand when the last minute fluck shopping won us the prize.

The kids did pretty good at the studio, but they met their limit. This was the best of the three kids and I said it would do because it caught Caleb in truest form...saying "cheeeeeeeese." What beautiful children we have!
My boys...getting so big and hansome!
My beautiful daughter, Kirsten. She is 8 going on 16 and so full of life and laughter!
My Zachary was turning 7 years old in 4 days. He is our little builder and creator of many things, but especially towers and creatures from legos and connects. He is such a handsome little man!
Look at those gorgeous eyes and smile. What a heartthrob!
Our littlest little man, who is big in stature and spirit...if only I could bottle up his energy and dish some out to myself. Trying to keep up with him makes me feel old. He is contantly saying, "mom, do meself!" We get a kick out of trying to untrain him from saying, "squis you," for "excuse me."


Lisa said...

Love the pictures. I'm glad that they turned out good for you this time.

The Cook House said...

your family pictures turned out great. I really like the boys sweaters!