Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Macias Tree Hunting!

The victorious hunters are glad that the perfect trees were found so quickly as it was cold with the slight drizzle coming down on the top of the mountain. This was a fun adventure for our kids to share in because their tree at home comes from a box.
If you have boys and ever go walking out in the brush you will be expected to find the perfect walking/swinging :) stick. All the boys had to have one.
Caleb had more fun poking around with his stick than looking for the tree. He attempted to help fell the chosen tree by hitting it.
It was Uncle Chris that caught MJ and Lisa's tree after MJ finished cutting it down with the saw. Go Mr. Muscles!
An there goes the perfect tree on its journey to the Macias house.
Then into the truck along with the kids...just for the picture of course!
and here it is in the house getting a new and improved look. All the kids were great helpers. When the space was filling up...then the kids would bring the ornaments to Lisa and MJ and they would find the vacancies in the branches.
More pictures of helping hands...Caleb playing with the movable and noise making ones first.
The little boys are tiring of the decorating and find their own sense of entertainment...notice Tanner under the tree. I think this is where Caleb started playing with the marshions from toy story.

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