Tuesday, December 1, 2009

cousins and filling the hours of the day!

When these two played it was either as best friends or worst enemies. This is after they decided they both could play with the cars together. The candy smarties always helps too. They deposited them in the backs of the cars and drove them around.
Meanwhile, Zach was playing the groom, while Jessie is of course the bride and Kirsten the Bride's maid of honor. They played so well together.
Caleb is showing me how he has eaten all of the candies from his train of cars.
Nathan helped break up the Christmas decorating time by reading the story of "elfie" Santa's elf that watches children during the day and then reports back to Santa on how the kids are doing. Elfie comes right after Thanksgiving and stays till Christmas.
My Zach loves to build things, but like all boys he loves to break things apart and see how they work and if they can go back together again. This alien was beheaded.

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